Google Nutrition Tool Could Help You Eat Healthier, If That's Something You're Interested In Doing

Props to our extremely aware friends over at Reddit — they've discovered (or brought to our attention) a Google nutrition tool that may help you eat healthier. The nameless nutrition comparison feature was a largely unknown component of the search engine, until some clever web surfers realized its awesomeness.

To use the tool, you just enter "compare [food] vs. [other food]" into the search engine, and Google whips up a tasty side-by-side nutritional chart in a snap. For example, I googled my two favorite foods, cheese and bacon. What I got was an extremely detailed description of the calories, fat content, sugar, cholesterol sodium, etc. contained in 100 grams of American cheese vs.100 grams of bacon.

Now, we all know these were probably not the most nutritionally ideal choices to break down from a health standpoint. But, the tool could steer curious searchers from these foods by revealing what they are exactly consuming. If I really wanted to feel bad about myself, I would have entered "kale vs. bacon."

NPR reported that a Google spokeswoman said this tool was launched in response to a previous nutrition tool that came out May 2013. The search engine noticed many users were searching nutritional facts, especially comparisons of one food to another. Thanks to the geniuses at Google, I now understand how many carrots equal 100 grams of chocolate ice cream.

Image: Google