Anna Kendrick Rocked Crimped Hair & Channeled The '90s At The Trolls Premiere

Rumors of the return of crimped hair have floated around the beauty industry for years, and while it hasn't quite made the jump to real life, that could change soon. Preternatural fav Anna Kendrick made the bold move to wear a crimped look to Sunday's Los Angeles Trolls premiere, in a fittingly nostalgic move for the '90s throwback movie. Put together by stylist Craig Gangi, Kendrick's textured pony was a tamer take on the trend, building volume while a craftily tied knot concealed any hair elastic action.

According to Gangi, Kendrick's velvet Marc Jacobs number was "soft and sweet, so I wanted to rough up her hair to compliment it in an edgier way." Getting there was fairly straightforward — blow dry hair and flatiron, then crimp small, random sections from root to end (assuming you own a crimper, which could be kind of a leap). Pull hair back and keep crimping alternating sections in the tail, then wrap a larger crimped section around the elastic and secure with bobby pins.

Gangi used Matrix products throughout, like Matrix Style Link Smooth Setter Smoothing Cream and Matrix Style Link Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray, the former especially notable because Kendrick has "naturally coarse, curly hair." Living proof it (and also heat styling) works.

It's certainly a look, and while I'll love the actress/comedienne/angel among us no matter what, I can't say it's my favorite of Kendrick's styles — a little too on-Troll-theme tufty for day to day. But if your hair is naturally precisely waved, it could be your time to shine. I do love the commitment to theme, though, and boundary-pushing is always appreciated in a world of perfectly tousled barrel curls.


Weirdly enough, the Trolls movie has been kind of a big beauty industry boundary-pusher, between this summer's M.A.C. collection and the crazy lip trend it accurately predicted. Should we scour the trailer below for more trend clues? Probably not, that would be insane.

Pastel hair colors and blended brights? That would never happen.

Images: Via Instagram.