You Can Own A Piece Of The 'Twilight' Franchise

For all you Twi-hards out there (wow, that's the first time I've used that word in years!) it is a good time to be alive: Pretty much every item in every Twilight movie ever is up for auction.

There are 900 (!) items in total up for grabs, which means pretty much anything you've ever hoped to own from one of movies could be yours... for the right price. There are props from all five movies that range from Bella's desk where she sat and brooded for what felt like hours to the Cullen's graduation cap display from all the times they graduated in the last thousand-ish years, and pretty much every costume ever worn by any character ever.

One lucky winner will become the proud owner of "Jessica's Stanley's Gym Outfit" from Twilight: New Moon. The bidding for some of the less exciting items — like Bella's hospital bracelet from the first film, and, yes, Jessica Stanley's gym outfit — starting at $50. But the big ticket items are going for much, much more: Bella's bloody wedding dress, for example, starts at $750.

Even though the starting prices seem fairly low (I mean, $750 isn't that expensive for a straight up wedding gown, even if it is technically ruined), I have a feeling they'll rise real quick. Everything is available for a sneak peek online now, and the actual auction will take place in Los Angeles on Nov. 19 and 20. Full rules for the auction are available here, but don't worry — you'll be able to bid online once the whole thing gets started.

Here are five of the coolest things for sale, and that any Twilight fan will love regardless of if they're #TeamEdward or #TeamJacob.

1. Bella's Engagement Ring

Bella Swan's Engagement Ring, Starting Price $1,500,

Raise your left hand if you've had (kiiiiind of dirty) dreams about being the future Mrs. Edward Cullen. (Don't judge me.) Now, imagine having the actual ring he used to propose to Bella on that left hand. With a few thousand dollars and a quick clicking finger, dreams really can come true!

2. Edward's Cuff

Edward Cullen's Crest Cuff, Starting At $400,

I'm not normally a fan of guys in leather bracelets (sorry, Ted Mosby and Ross Gellar) but I will make an exception for Edward Cullen.

3. Jacobs Motorcycle

Jacob's Black Motorcycle, Starting at $2500,

It was kind of hard to justify being #TeamJacob after he fell in love with (er, "imprinted on") a newborn baby, but he always did look super hot riding this bike. I wouldn't recommend taking it off roading

4. The Volturi's Throne

Volturi Throne, Starting at $750,

Imagine watching the Twilight saga from an Actual. Volturi. Throne. Don't worry, I'm sure it will look great with your Ikea couch and coffee table.

5. Edward Cullen's Sunglasses

Edward Cullen's Sunglasses, Starting at $400,

Remember how hot R. Patz looked wearing these walking into school with Bella when they debuted as a couple? Yes, they are basically knock off Ray Ban's, but they are still worth way more than the $400 starting price, IMHO. Maybe they still smell like his face.

Images: Courtesy of Propstoreauction