10 Harry Potter Accessories You Need To Have A Cozy Fall

Something about Harry Potter always makes me feel cozy. Maybe it’s the rich descriptions of fall (autumn is described in the Deathly Hallows as “crisp and golden as an apple”), maybe it's the entire concept of Butterbeer, or maybe it’s the sense of nostalgia I get when reading it. Whatever it is, this autumn, I'll be purchasing these cozy Harry Potter accessories to further enjoy the season.

Perhaps autumn reminds me of Harry Potter because Hogwarts is the perfect place to spend a chilly season. Because let’s face it, even though Hogwarts has plenty of secret passageways and hidden monsters, it’s also pretty much the coziest place ever. Pottermore describes Gryffindor Tower as a room with a “roaring fire, stuffed armchairs, and the great view we have from our windows.” It’s reached by “climbing the winding mahogany staircase, decorated with crimson and gold… Our four-posters are covered with thick scarlet blankets (we have quite windy nights up in the towers) and are embroidered with gold. Gold chandeliers cast warm glows all around.”

So, where can I sign up to live in this tower? Well, the truth is that you don’t have to journey to Hogwarts to obtain the cozy aesthetic of Harry Potter (though it would certainly help). With some everyday magic, AKA shopping, you can find some great items that will make your autumn full of both coziness and Harry Potter.

1. Marauder's Map Pillow

You don't need a map to show you how to find the coziest room ever... just place this Marauder-inspired pillow in yours, and jiggery pokery — you found it.

Marauder's Map Pillow, $24.95, Harry Potter Shop

2. Butterbeer Scented Candle

Nothing makes a room cozier than the scent of Butterbeer. This levi-OH-sa candle smells like your favorite sweet wizard beverage.

Butterbeer Scented Candle, $18, HighlandBluffStudio on Etsy

3. Gryffindor Fingerless Mittens

Show your support for Gryffindor with these scarlet and yellow fingerless gloves (but leave room for your fingers so you can select what to watch on Netflix).

Gryffindor Fingerless Mittens, $20, kittensmittensshop on Etsy

4. Hogwarts Slippers

Don't let your feet get cold while you lounge around the house. These Hogwarts-themed slippers are cozy and will keep your toes toasty on chilly autumn days.

Hogwarts Slippers, $34, MarleyOcean on Etsy

5. Fantastic Beasts Fleece

Already have a Hogwarts blanket? It's time to get your Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them fleece. Cozy up with this gem while you reread all the Potter books in time for the new movie this November.

Fantastic Beasts Fleece, $54.95, Harry Potter Shop

6. Harry Potter-Inspired Tea

Did you know you can actually purchase HP-inspired tea? Well, now you do. This flavor, inspired by the boy who lived himself, has hints of treacle tarts (Harry's favorite food), pumpkin juice, and spices. It will quickly become your go-to tea this autumn.

The Boy Who Lived Tea 5oz Tin, $24, Adagio Teas

7. Deathly Hallows Mug

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy warm beverages, from hot chocolate to coffee, so you'll definitely need a mug to go with your drink. This deathly hallows mug is the perfect pick for a cozy autumn afternoon spent reading and sipping tea.

Deathly Hallows Mug, $13.98, HomeDecorDrawing on Etsy

8. Hogwarts Alumni Sweatshirt

Nothing's as cozy as a big, warm sweatshirt – and this one's perfect because it's Potter-themed. The "Hogwarts Alumni" print and gray color will go with everything, so you can be comfortable AND make a magical fashion statement.

Hogwarts Alum Sweatershirt, $17.99, WhiteWolfeDesign on Etsy

9. Harry Potter Beanie

You can never have enough beanies (well, I can't at least, because I tend to lose them). This one comes in Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor, so you can support your favorite Quidditch team even on cold autumn evenings.

Harry Potter Beanie, $12.95, Amazon

10. Ilvermorny Scarf

You probably already have a collection of Hogwarts scarves in various house colors, so now's the time to grab your Ilvermorny scarf. This one comes in the lovely school colors, so you can be cozy and show your American school pride.

Ilvermorny Scarf, $26.23, ThePhoenixRisesAgain on Etsy

Image: Warner Bros (1)