7 People Share The Holiday Baked Treat They Yearn For All Year Long

When the weather outside is frightful, baking is especially delightful. That's not to say that oven-baked treats aren't delightful in any season, but it's the holiday baked goods you look forward to all year that really stand out. A simple whiff or a tiny bite of such a treat is enough to transport you back to your family kitchen in the simple days when you still believed in Santa.

In this humble writer's experience, my favorite holiday tradition growing up was baking sugar cookies with my mom (second only to opening presents, obviously). Every year, we'd break out the red and green sprinkles and the Evergreen tree cookie cutters, then go to town on a huge rolled-out sheet of vanilla dough. To this day, the scent of sugar cookies is enough to paint a mental scene of being in the kitchen with my parents, listening to Christmas music, and indulging in the holiday spirit. Call me sentimental, but I know I'm not alone.

We've teamed up with Food Network's Holiday Baking Championship to poll a series of real people about their own special baked treat that they look forward to all year. Happy Yuletide baking, and make sure to tune in to the premiere of Holiday Baking Championship Sunday at 9/8c only on Food Network. Get ready to create all new holiday baking traditions.

1. Peanut Butter Chocolate Kiss Cookies

"When everyone is ooh-ing and ahhh-ing over peppermint-flavored candy canes and super sweet pies, I look forward to my favorite flavor combination within these special peanut butter and chocolate kiss cookies. A staple at my family's holiday gatherings, these cookies are best devoured after they've had ample time to chill out of the oven, but are still warm enough that the chocolate kiss garnish is just starting to melt."

—Erin, 27

2. Grandma's Coffee Cake

"My Grandma’s coffee cake has become legendary in my family and among all of my friends who’ve ever had a taste. It’s a yellow bundt cake with lots of cinnamon, sugar, semi-sweet chocolate chips — and there’s pudding and sour cream in the mix that put it over the top. It’s called Lil’s Cake, but my Grandma’s name was Joan. I think she got the recipe from the LA Times some time in the '60s. I want it now."

—Jenna, 27

3. Chocolate Chip Pancakes

"I look forward to 'cold chocolate chip pancakes,' which my sister makes. They are cold because my parents love to putter around doing random household chores until we yell at them to sit down for breakfast already."

—Jackie, 29

4. Overnight French Toast

"Overnight French toast! My family all makes it together on Christmas Eve, then we bake it on Christmas morning. So insanely delicious and a holiday favorite at my house."

—Amy, 30

5. Buttery Croissants

"We always have croissants on Christmas morning. One year we didn't have them and all hell broke loose."

-Allie, 30

6. Maple Pecan Pie

"Pecan pie made with maple syrup instead of corn syrup. Pecan pie is too decadent to eat outside of the holiday months..."

-Caitlin, 28

7. Pumpkin Apple Cider Cheesecake

"I make an incredible pumpkin apple cider cheesecake. It's like cheesecake, pie, and apple cider in one magical package. When I'm feeling down, my happy place is the memory of last Thanksgiving, where I ate ungodly amounts of this magical confection between rounds of Mario Kart."

—John, 27

This post is sponsored by Food Network's Holiday Baking Championship . Catch the premiere Sunday at 9/8c only on Food Network.

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