How To Celebrate National Cat Day, Because What's More Important Than Your Cat?

Did you realize that Oct. 29 is even more fun to celebrate than Oct. 31? If not, then you clearly haven't done your research on how to celebrate National Cat Day! That's right, Oct. 29 marks National Cat Day, an entire day devoted to loving and celebrating your favorite species of all time.

I feel like it's pretty hard to be neutral about cats. If you love them, then you really, really love them. They're soft, they're snuggly, and they're fiercely independent... a bit of an oxymoron, no? If there's one thing that I adore about the feline species, it's how distinct each and every one of their personalities are. Don't get me wrong, dogs are great too, but you don't have to earn a dog's love — you have to earn a cat's love. Bring on the challenge, right?

If you have some kitties of your own at home, then you've hopefully already started planning how you're going to be spending the day. If you don't have any of your own cats, not to worry. There are still plenty of ways for you to show your love for the species this Oct. 29. Meow, get to it!

1. Adopt A Kitty


What better way to celebrate National Cat Day than by making a new feline friend? Even if you can't commit to fully adopting one right now, check your local shelters for cat fostering opportunities. That's right, cat fostering — giving a cat a home for a short period of time to alleviate shelter overcrowding — is a thing.

2. Buy Your Cat A New Toy


Already have some pet cats in your life? Treat them to something special. A new laser pointer, felt mouse, or feather on a string only costs a few bucks, and you know your cat is so worth it.

3. Put Your Cat In Your Social Media Profile Picture


Yup, I'm going there. Forget your significant other, sister, bestie, or whoever else is currently accompanying you in your profile picture. It's time to make some room for kitty and company.

4. Wear Some Cat Attire


Remember when you bought those awesome cat ears and only wore them on Halloween five years ago? Pull them out of the closet. Or, how about that vintage cat print dress you just had to have? If there was ever a time to wear it, it's now. (Also, check out these cat clothes and accessories for some major inspiration!).

5. Donate To A Shelter


Animal shelters are always understaffed and overworked. Help them out! Whether it be your time or money, donating to an animal shelter is a great way to get involved and truly make an impact in the life of some kitties.

6. Check Out A Cat Café


While cat cafés may have started out as a Japanese trend, they've slowly but surely taken over just about every major city in America. Find the cat café closest to you this National Cat Day and enjoy petting some felines while you sip on that macchiato.

7. Watch Cat Videos All Day Long


If all else fails, YouTube has your back. The cat videos on the site are endless, and no matter what you're looking for (kittens meowing, bengal cats in the snow, 10 hours of cats purring), they've got you covered. Get comfy, because it's about to get real cute, real fast.

Images: Milada Vigerova/Unsplash; Giphy