15 Last Minute Makeup Tutorials For Halloween

Uh oh. You look up and realize Halloween is so close but you don't have time to go out and grab a costume. Or, you're like me and you'd rather stay home alone in yoga pants before heading out in an itchy get up that won't last through your first round of drinks. Have no fear. Here's a few last minute Halloween makeup tutorials that work as a complete costume.

Some say the best thing about All Hallows' Evening is the costumes, but I think it's the makeup. You can be as scary, spooky, or as un-like you as you want to be! You can sprout whiskers, draw on some outrageous eyebrows, or show off your artistic skills with an intricate skeleton. And you don't need cheap, crummy costume makeup to achieve your desired look. Brands offer a wide range of high-quality products that come in tons of colors and formulations, so you can use your "typical" makeup to create something special. Last year, I used a combination of fancy liquid lipstick and expensive eyeshadow to look like a zombie fortune teller. I was scary as hell and didn't break out the next day. Win!

If you're strapped for a last-minute makeup costume, here are fifteen of my favorites for 2016.

1. Bambi

So easy!

2. Gangster Clown

Spooky and tough — no one will mess with you on Halloween night.

3. Mermaid

I love the drama of this look, and luckily, it's so easy to achieve.

4. Cleopatra

Dress in gold and everyone will get it.

5. Snapchat Deer

Who doesn't love a good filter?

6. Glam Zombie

Dress as usual and freak everyone out.

7. Werewolf

Put your brow pencil to work.

8. Black Cat

Who doesn't already have a closet full of black clothes? Just add top knot buns!

9. Double Vision

This is truly creepy.

10. Half-Skull

It's classic Halloween!

11. Creepy Doll

Drag around a stuffed animal and I guarantee you'll send the neighborhood kids running.

12. Panda Filter

You can DIY some ears or just wear buns!

13. Galaxy Filter

Grab a tiny brush and some glitter. This is going to be fun.

14. Bunny

An all-white outfit and a pair of ears is all you need.

15. Masquerade Mask

So pretty and sophisticated.

Image: Makeup By Alli/YouTube