Chocolate Memes That Are Mouth-Watering

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Do you know what you should be doing on Oct. 28? Laughing your way through these 13 memes about chocolate in honor of National Chocolate Day, of course! If you're not aware, Oct. 28 is National Chocolate Day, which, yes, is a whole day dedicated to that delicious, amazing, sweet dessert we all know and love (some of us way more than others).

There's just something about chocolate that can make any day better. Seriously, try it: Next time you're having a terrible day, no matter how bad it is, eat some chocolate and see how you feel afterwards. It'll probably be better! Chocolate is just good — no further explanation is really necessary.

So, that in mind, there's really no better way to spend National Chocolate Day than by looking through these chocolate-themed memes while, preferably, eating as much chocolate as your heart desires. Whether you go for white chocolate, dark chocolate, infused chocolate, or classic milk chocolate, you can do no wrong. Eat it, enjoy it, and let no one judge you. We all deserve a piece of chocolate every now and again. (In fact, The Daily Beast reports that chocolate can decrease your stroke risk, likelihood of a heart attack, and blood inflammation... so really, it's good for you in a lot of ways!)

Check out the memes below.

When your friend pulls out any kind of chocolate-based candy packet...

Way to get to the point, Grumpy Cat.

You get me.

Chocolate lovers all day, every day.

True story.

Chocolate never breaks your heart.

Why yes, I did.

My feelings, exactly.

We've all made this face before.

Me too, little guy. Me too.

Until next time...

I think you're beautiful, hot chocolate.

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