ColourPop's New Peach Lippies Are Gorgeous

ColourPop Cosmetics knows how to launch a product. If you thought Kylie Cosmetics was king when it came to surprise launches, there may be a new brand in town that debuts a product in the most awesome way possible. On Tuesday, ColourPop's collection of peach lippies debuted on Snapchat only for it to be announced that they'd be available for purchase the following day. Basically, ColourPop pulls no punches when it comes to giving their fans what they want, and they want these stunning peach lipsticks.

From true peach hues to brown and orange undertones, the collection may be based around peach, but it's still diverse. Plus, the peach hues are in different formulations. While ColourPop's Ultra Matte Lip formula seems to be the most popular and the most commonly found in kits, the peach collection includes two Ultra Satin Lips paired together with three Ultra Matte Lips. Basically, it's not only an exciting collection of new shades, but the brand created them in diverse formulas.

ColourPop has basically been on a roll as of late when it come to their lip products. Only a few weeks ago, they launched their Fall Edit, a collection of gorgeous berries, terracottas, and nudes that had fans clamoring for more. Now, with the collection of peach lippes, they're getting it.

Pictured at the top of the swatches are Doubletap and Screenshot. These two beauties are the Ultra Satin lips.

Featured below them are the three Ultra Matte Lips of Autocorrect, Airplane Mode, and Speed Dial.

Fans are already excited about these beauties, and they were only just revealed.

It looks like ColourPop may have just made another major splash in the cosmetics world. With killer prices, these gorgeous peach shades, and continual innovation, ColourPop is definitely tops right now.

Images: ColourPop/Snapchat(3)