Kiehl's Launches Nail Polish in July to Benefit Fight Against AIDS

If your vanity is already filled to the brim, you're going to have to make room for one more product. WWD reports that go-to beauty and skin care brand Kiehl's will be releasing its first-ever nail polish come summer 2014. The formaldehyde-free lacquer will come in a glossy black color and launch in late July to go along with with the company's Annual LifeRide motorcycle trip. Just like the event, the nail polish will benefit amfAR in the fight against AIDS.

The annual gathering of about 20 bikers was started by President Chris Salgardo, an avid motorcycle rider himself. Regarding the dark color choice, he says, "We’ve had motorcycles [in our stores] for 40-plus years, and we’ve always had that biker-esque image, so we thought black would be great."

This year's LifeRide will begin in Milwaukee and extend 2,000 miles to Kiehl’s original shop at Third Ave. and 13th St. in Manhattan, making it the longest ride yet.

Priced at about $15 to $18 (yep, a little steep, but proceeds do go to charity), the polish currently remains nameless. We may not have ever thought of wearing such a dark color in the late summer heat, but it's going to be hard to pass up something Salgardo calls "Cool, cool, cool." Even the bikers will be wearing the polish: "It's a way to start the conversation. And our nails will look badass along the way."

Sure, black in New York City is nothing new, but Kiehl's approach to nail polish is certainly refreshing.