Reddit Just Helped a r/GoneWild Poster Figure Out She’s Pregnant

There a lot of ways to figure out you’re pregnant: A missed period…copious vomiting in the morning…via the tabloids if you're Mila Kunis...and now apparently we can add reddit to the list. The r/gonewild community just helped one of their posters figure out that she’s got a baby on the way.

A redditor going by the name Zellarena posted a topless photo (head cropped out, of course — safety first!) to the r/gonewild subreddit (where redditors post risque pics of themselves) on Tuesday titled “I swear these are getting bigger.” She’s a pretty good lookin’ gal, so naturally she got a wide array of positive responses, many using the word “perfect”:

Then another redditor, rtw_fan, dropped this bomb in a comment that has unfortunately since been deleted (The Daily Dot caught it before it vanished): “Maybe you’re pregnant.” Although it’s possible that rtw_fan meant the comment as a joke, it inspired Zellarena to swing by her local pharmacy to pick up an at-home pregnancy test. The result?

Who would have thought that reddit would turn out to be an accurate pregnancy test? I know I sure didn’t (and also, no, relying on an online community of anonymous strangers as the sole method of determining whether or not you’re pregnant is not recommended). But hey, congratulations, Zellarena! The r/gonewild community was over the moon about the news, which meant that — of course — they broke out their best pieces of Internet witticism for the occasion:

One thing’s for sure: It’s definitely going to make for an interesting "Mommy, where do babies come from?" conversation later on...