Where To Buy Melanie Martinez's Cry Baby Perfume Milk If You Love Sweet, Naughty, & Nostalgic Scents — PHOTO

Perfume Milk? That sounds so... unusual and delish, doesn't it? Well, it's fragrance and not a beverage! Singer and former The Voice contestant Melanie Martinez is dropping Cry Baby Perfume Milk on Dec. 19. Martinez —she of the two-toned hair, severe bangs, the delightfully creepy little girl lost persona, and onetime member of Team Adam Levine— has launched pre-orders for her first official fragrance. Cry Baby Perfume Milk will be available only in the continental U.S. Where can you buy Melanie Martinez's Cry Baby Perfume Milk, which will be directly distributed by her record label Atlantic Records?

Cry Baby Perfume Milk will be sold exclusively online. The perfume itself is white like milk in the bottle, but sprays on clear. The packaging is super adorbs and vintage-inspired — it's housed in a classic-look baby bottle.

In a press release Bustle received via email, Martinez, who has exploded into the mainstream on the back of her arresting visuals, which are conceptualized by the artist herself, admitted, "Once I was done making my album Cry Baby, I knew I wanted to make a vintage inspired baby bottle perfume. I knew I wanted it to be a milky white and smell sweet and nostalgic."

Martinez views her first fragrance as another way for her fans to connect with her and her music, saying, "I'm very excited for people to not only smell it but also have another piece of the Cry Baby album."

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I love the collectible container and the fact that there is confetti in the package. It's so devilishly playful, like Martinez herself. Martinez clearly didn't leave a single detail up to chance. She even tested variations of the scent while on tour during the development phase.

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The commercial certainly suggests that the a whiff of Cry Baby Perfume Milk will lift your spirits! But what does it smell like? According to the press materials, it's sinfully sweet and boasts dark and fruity notes, juxtaposed with strawberry milk, lipstick accord, and baby lotion accord. It also has a burnt caramel and sinister woods base. CBPM is naughty and nice and sugar and spice, just like its creator.

The bottle itself is a marvel, actually. It features a bratty and playful surprise message when you twist off the yellow rubber top to reveal the chrome pump! The back panel of the bottle is clear and metered. It's functional, since you can see how much of the liquid is left. It also assumes your mood as your start to run out. When the bottle is full, it's marked "Happy." When your midway through, it notes you're "Running Low." When the fluid is no longer visible, it's marked "Dead."

Know what I love about Melanie Martinez Cry Baby Perfume Milk? Oh, just everything. I can't wait to inhale it in all of its sugary and aromatic goodness. Remember, it's not for consumption. Pulse. Points. Only.

Images: Melanie Martinez/Instagram (4)