When Is Ciara Due? Her Baby With Russell Wilson Will Be Here Before You Know It

People say when you finally find your true love, things can unfold very fast and, well, Ciara and her new husband, Russell Wilson, are definitely examples of that. The couple, who began dating last April, had a lavish wedding in England on July 6 of this year, and on Oct 26, Ciara and Wilson announced that they are expecting their first child together. Yes! Since their relationship has been quite public for some time now, inquiring minds probably want to know when Ciara's baby is due.

The baby news comes only a few days after fans and media began speculating that Ciara was pregnant when she was seen rocking loose-fitting outfits during her latest appearances. Now that it's official: When will Ciara have her second child? If my estimations are correct, I guess that Ciara and Wilson's baby should arrive by the spring of 2017, around April or May.

On Oct. 19, Ciara spoke to Access Hollywood and deflected the pregnancy question. "We got time," she said. "Our mission is, I got to make my best album for my fans. I want to rock out and make the world dance, and he's got many more games to play... We got time to live life and things will happen at the perfect time as they've been [happening]."

Well, that didn't exactly say anything, but since she's confirmed she's pregnant now, it sounds like having a baby at this moment was the perfect time for them. To be honest, considering the circumstances around their relationship, I doubt they wanted to wait very much longer. Very early in their relationship, Ciara and Wilson declared that they would remain abstinent, and as the time went on, it was obvious that the endeavor was getting a lot more difficult, with them joking about looking forward to their wedding day.

Since the couple married in early July, and it is considered proper pregnancy etiquette to at least wait until the woman is three month along to announce, I would place her being just around three months. Remember, they probably wasted no time in, uh, baby making practice, so you know how that goes. On October 19th, Ciara was in NYC to celebrate her announcement as Revlon's newest global ambassador, and her tiny "belly" does look to line up to be around three months in that it can still be hidden well under clothing.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So when you continue to calculate from here, Ciara is most probably expecting her second child's birth at some point between the end of April and beginning of May, which will be a perfect way to celebrate the season. Considering what a wonderful mother she's been to her son Future and the beautiful relationship she has with Wilson, this baby is about to be born into a household full of love. Congrats to this family!