Jennifer Aniston is a Fashion and Beauty Hoarder

If you have a hard time parting with rally shirts from high school and lip gloss from college (MAC Lipglass, anyone?), you're not alone. In fact, you're in good company. Jennifer Aniston recently confessed to People that she is a bit of a fashion and beauty hoarder.

Aniston admitted that she doesn't clean out her makeup drawer as frequently as she probably should (by the way, here's how often she should be doing it). But it's not like she's still using them, she just has a difficult time saying goodbye, especially to those discontinued favorites.

“I’ve had makeup in my drawer for 10 years that I should probably get rid of. I do get new mascaras and things like that, but I also have this weird thing [about saving]. Remember when Calvin Klein made makeup? That was in the ’90s. I think I just threw out a lipstick of his.”

In addition to never tossing old beauty products, Aniston says that she also likes to hold onto clothing from 20 years ago. "I have jeans from my twenties that I can’t get rid of. I still have red loafers from Friends! I have a nostalgia about them." We don't blame her, though. If we were Aniston, we would definitely still have the entire wardrobe from Rachel's Ralph Lauren days.