What's In Reformation's Holiday 2016 Collection? You Need These Comfy Meets Chic Items In Your Closet — PHOTOS

If you thought the seasonal makeup launches were great then just wait until you see the fashion. Reformation's Holiday Collection is here, and it's all about looking and feeling your best. Think wearing Spanx without the Spanx. What's in the holiday collection, you ask? It's a combination of classic Reformation styles with brand new details. Let's just say that you're going to want every single piece.

The most wonderful time of the year also means the most wonderful time to shop. There are tons of different styles coming out for the winter season, but none quite like this. Reformation created seven new items that combine comfort and style is the chicest way possible. Their holiday collection is a mix of classic slinky metallic gowns and champagne velvets with new details like feathers.

That's not all either. Reformation also included adjustable waists and figure modeling silhouettes that will keeping you looking great all through your holiday dinner. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, thankfully you can start shopping in-store and online right now. The line is priced between $168 to $248. While that's not exactly the most affordable price range, there's no doubt in my mind that the line is worth every single penny.

The sneak peek is good, but just wait until you see all seven pieces. They're all completely perfect for the holiday season. Don't just take my word for it though, see for yourself.

1. Flora Dress

Flora Dress, $218, The Reformation

This black feathery mini-dress is what holiday dreams are made of.

2. Aerin Bodysuit

Aerin Bodysuit, $168, The Reformation

Your typical, everyday bodysuit just got taken to a classy new level.

3. Adeline Dress

Adeline Dress, $148, The Reformation

They even have a gorgeous gown in the collection.

4. Venus Dress

Venus Dress, $98, The Reformation

Of course, the line wouldn't be completely without a trendy slip dress.

5. Virginia Jumpsuit

Virginia Jumpsuit, $218, The Reformation

If jumpsuits are your thing, then this is the one for you.

6. Brittain Dress

Brittain Dress, $248, The Reformation

It's all about the prints as well.

7. Bria Dress

Bria Dress, $248, The Reformation

This velvet dress is my favorite of the entire line. It's modern and classic all at the same time.

You can't go wrong with any of these pieces!

Images: Courtesy Reformation