Sally Hansen's New Nail Polish Range Is So Cool

Sally Hansen basically reinvented the drugstore nail polish game with their Miracle Gel line two years ago, and the brand is #backatitagain with their biggest launch since. While the Miracle Gel focused on making gel strength DIY-possible, the brand's new Color Therapy line is taking a more fixer-upper angle. What's in Sally Hansen's Color Therapy nail polish range? The answer may surprise you (but really).

The polishes are infused with everyone's favorite do-it-all ingredient, argan oil. Containing a "proprietary blend of argan, acai and evening primrose oils," a brand rep told WWD that the Color Therapy line "offers the unique benefits of instant moisture and nourishment, while providing a noticeable improvement to natural nails."

Claiming to combine treatment benefits with your typical manicure, the line's 38 colors mean polish addicts can kill two birds with one stone: with shades in three palettes, the brand has everyone covered, with the forever-trendy mauvey, blush putties in one spectrum, reds and pinks in the second, and blues and greens in the third. The brand says they're banking on people's familiarity with argan oil as a soothing ingredient, in everything from hair oil to highlighter to hand soap.

It's a newer one as far as nail polish ingredients go, with a "a patented micro-delivery system" intended to work base-coat free so the oil complex can get up close and personal with nails. According to the brand, argan oil contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E, an antioxidant known for its role in healthy skin and nails. Acai berry oil is rich in omega-3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids that condition skin and hair, while evening primrose oil's fatty acids are said to reinforce hair strength.

So lots of good stuff to look forward to in November, when the Color Therapy polishes, top coat, and nail and cuticle oil launch in stores (the polishes will be going for $8.99, according to WWD).

Sally Hansen Color Therapy In 130 Therapewter, $7, Target

Until then, dip a literal toe in the trend with the other infused polishes on the market.

NAILS INC. NAILKALE Superfood Base Coat, $15, Sephora

Nails Inc.'s NailKale was one of the first on the scene, with "an antioxidant, five-benefit base coat infused with kale extract to strengthen nails."

NAILS INC. Sweet Almond Nail Polish Powered By Matcha, $15, Sephora

And even closer to the Hansen concept, their Sweet Almond Nail Polish Powered By Matcha line draws on the antioxidants to take on nail health.

ORLY Breathable Treatment + Color, $8, Amazon

Orly's Breathable Treatment + Color range is along the same lines, with argan oil and vitamins B5 & C, as well as "advanced oxygen technology" to get the job done.

Perfect Formula Daily Moisture, $20, Derm Store

And if you're okay going polish-free for a few days, Perfect Formula's Daily Moisture nail conditioner has won rave reviews for its jojoba-infused formula.

Images: via Instagram; Courtesy of Brands