Emjois Take Accessories Too Far

So we're entirely unsurprised that emoji accessories are becoming a thing. Whether you find them tacky or ultra-fly probably correlates directly with how many street style photographers you religiously follow. Wearing these accessories is your prerogative. But there is one item from M'Oticons, Moda Operandi's new emoji line, that we urge you to skip. That item is the #theshit loafer by Del Toro.

M'Oticons is a collaboration between online luxury retailer Moda Operandi, bag company Edie Parker, and shoe brand Del Toro. The quirky accessories include Edie Parker clutches adorned with giant, glittering hashtags like #DaBomb, #TongueInCheek, and, of course, #TheShit. Each clutch has a coordinating pair of loafers printed with emojis that most avid texters will recognize immediately.

Some of these are kind of cool, especially if you happen to be BryanBoy or Rihanna. And then there is the #theshit loafer, which no human being should ever, ever spend $340 on and then proceed to wear in public. If you have an imagination and a smartphone, I'm sure you can deduce what the #theshit loafer might look like, but you can also view the product image below. This way you can make your own informed decision about whether you'd like to wear velvet loafers with little swirly poop emojis printed on the toes.

Take a look at the full collection over at Moda Operandi. Items are available for pre-order until April 8. By all means.