12 Hearty, Carby Recipes That Will Help You Survive Passover

For the pasta and bread-centric (guilty!), observing Passover can be the most difficult week of the year. You don't just have to give up leavened bread — anything with flour (yeah, that includes whole wheat), yeast, corn (yep, corn syrup), oats, barley, and most other legumes can't be consumed by those keeping kosher. Many substitute matzo for flour, but that usually results in flavorless, crumbly cooking that tastes just like the cardboard box the matzo came out of. Here are 12 recipes that will make you miss leavened foods a little less, without all the matzo substitutes.

Passover Bagels and Cream Cheese

It’s hard to spend a week without bagels and shmear, but this recipe by Kitchen Tested solves that problem. The bagel may not be as doughy as we’re used to, but all the toppings will distract from that.

Image: Kitchen Tested

Zucchini Noodles and Meatballs

This “zoodles” recipe from Nom Nom Paleo teaches you how to make spaghetti-style zucchini that can be treated just like regular pasta. Who knows, you may never go back to regular noodles again!

Image: Nom Nom Paleo

Zucchini Coconut Noodles

This spin on veggie noodles by Love and Lemons gives them an Asian twist with a spicy kick.

Image: Love and Lemons

Passover Chicken Schnitzel

Breading is one of those things that’s hard to go without, but this crispy chicken recipe by The Shiksa in the Kitchen solves all of your breading woes by using matzo meal.

Image: The Shiksa in the Kitchen

Payard Flourless Chocolate Cookies

The famous French chef’s cookie recipe works for Passover! Couldn’t Be Parve’s interpretation of the treat is also perfect year round.

Image: Couldn’t Be Parve

Braised Short Rib Passover Sandwich

This sandwich from Kitchen Tested looks so good, you’d never know it’s missing the wheat. Also, it’s a great way to use all that leftover horseradish you have sitting around from the gefilte fish your bubbe brought over.

Image: Kitchen Tested

Passover Granola

Just because you’re spending the week without bread doesn’t mean you have to forgo cereal. Couldn’t Be Parve’s homemade granola recipe is full of fruit and nuts, making it a great way to start the morning.

Image: Couldn’t Be Parve

Quinoa and Roasted Mushrooms Passover Risotto

No rice for a week can drive a person insane, but this quinoa risotto recipe by Domestic Fits, with plenty of cream and savory roasted mushrooms, almost makes up for it.

Image: Domestic Fits

Passover Lemon Crepes with Raspberry Sauce

What Jew Wanna Eat gives us a gluten-free crepe recipe that’s perfect for Passover, and can be filled with a variety of toppings.

Image: What Jew Wanna Eat

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Forget matzo pizza! Thanks to the prevalence of gluten-free and paleo dietary needs, cauliflower pizza crust is everywhere. How Sweet It Is gives us a crispy, thin crust recipe that may convert you.

Image: How Sweet it Is

Spaghetti Squash with Garlicky Kale Pesto

So it may not be real spaghetti, but Oh My Veggies’ recipe adds another dimension of flavor to a traditional pasta and pesto dish.

Image: Oh My Veggies

Roasted Garlic Lasagna Squash Boats

Though the cheese and meat filling isn’t exactly Kosher, you can riff on Half Baked Harvest’s recipe and fill your lasagna with veggies!

Image: Half Baked Harvest