14 Cat Memes That Will Help You Celebrate The Best Day Of The Year, National Cat Day

Cats can be so weird, and these 14 memes about cats in honor of National Cat Day are definitely proof of that. From running around your home in the wee hours of the night to giving you funny looks when you "meow" at them, it's almost impossible to not look at a cat and think, "wow, you're literally a walking meme." As a result, there are a ton of great cat memes — so, rounded up below are some of the funniest I've seen. I know that if you're a cat owner, you'll be laughing your way through each and every one of them.

Cats are truly some of the best pets out there. They're so easy to take care of thanks to their independent attitudes (sorry dogs, but sometimes, you can be a little excessive with the love), but they're also snuggly and — if they like you — they have a lot of love to give. You've just got to work for their love, which, honestly, is something I respect. I'm up for the challenge of earning conditional love.

Spend your National Cat Day with your cat, obviously; but also take a few minutes to enjoy these hilarious memes. Who knows, they may inspire you to make a few of your own!

You know, kitty priorities.

I know, it's really not fair.

Sometimes I wonder if cats really think these things through...

True statement.

We've all meowed at our cats. If you haven't, you're lying.

Ah, the life of the kitty.

It's a good way to live.

Yeah, we always will.

Gahhhhh, so freaking cute.

What's wrong with you Grumpy Cat? No one hates cat memes.

Yeah, you didn't have to shell out cash for that fancy cat toy... a cardboard box or paper bag would have done just fine.

Decisions, decisions...

If this cat doesn't melt your heart, you're not human.

Don't we all, kitty? Don't we all?

Images: Ryan Mcguire/Unsplash; MemeCenter