Fitz & Mellie's Kids on 'Scandal' Should Be Familiar to 'LOST' Fans... And Eachother

The long awaited meeting of Scandal's first children — or Fitz and Mellie's kids, if you're into simpler description — has finally come. During "Mama Said Knock You Out," we'll finally meet this kids that are so difficult for the President and First Lady to be around and that meeting will undoubtedly come with a side of "Where do I know that face from?" Well, if you're a TV junkie like myself, you'll recognize one of the the younger Grants from none other than sci-fi phenomenon (and ultimate disappointment) LOST.

Of course, Madeline Carroll was a lot younger when she was busy playing young Ben Linus' — who was a dead ringer for Harry Potter, if you remember — gal pal at the Dharma Initiative (screencap below). Now, she'll continue on the tradition of playing bit parts on Shondaland shows (she's already been on Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice) as the young Karen Grant.

Her cohort in what promises to be an explosive meeting between parents and children is Dylan Minnette who fans of the sadly cancelled, though excellent Jason Isaacs series Awake may recognize as Isaacs' character's son. But, believe it or not, there's more: Minnette is also a LOST alum because he played Jack Shephard's son David on the beloved sci-fi drama. What's more, is he also guested on Grey's Anatomy and he and Carroll have both appeared on R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour. It's like they're practically siblings already.

Look, I'm not one to connect every TV occurrence back to LOST (however possible that may be), but this is some space-time-continuum-ripping stuff here, folks.

Madeline Carroll on LOST:

Dylan Minnette on LOST:

And to boot, all of these notable screen credits for both young actors are ABC shows. (Minus, Awake and The R.L. Stine show, but let us have our fun.) Trippy, man.

Images: ABC (3); Tumblr/spaceandbeyond