These Halloween Ideas Take Less Than 5 Minutes

Halloween is only days away, and if you're scrambling to find a last minute costume, the answer might be in your makeup bag. When it comes to last minute costumes, I am a pro so I've rounded up a few five minute Halloween makeup tutorials that will get you costume party ready in, well, five minutes.

So many makeup tutorials on the web these days require copious amounts of face paint, roughly one and a half hours and the hand of a surgeon, but unfortunately, most of us do not have a palette of face paint available at all times, nor do we have hours to get ready when we could use those hours to pregame with our friends who also do not have the hands of a surgeon.

Alas, we have to do our best with what we have, which is five minutes and the tube of mascara we've been using for the last eight months even though every article says you should throw it out after three months — which is where these sweet five minute Halloween makeup tutorials come in.

From an entertaining tutorial showing you how to become the Snapchat deer IRL to a super cool comic book makeup tutorial, you will be able to throw together a Halloween costume in no time.

Here are 11 things you can be for Halloween if you only have five minutes.

1. A Glam Vampire

This one even uses Maybelline's gel eyeliner that I have sitting on my bathroom counter. Easy enough.

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner, $7, Amazon

2. The Snapchat Deer

I was mesmerized watching this. When I inevitably have to throw together a last minute costume, I'm going to be the Snapchat deer especially because I'll finally have a reason to try out my orange Sigma Beauty eyeshadows.

Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow, $13, Amazon

3 & 4. A Sexy Devil & A Cute Cat

Classic costumes and Shanni Grimmond gives you a two-for-one with this tutorial. She shows you how to become a devil in the first half and if you skip ahead to 4:42 you can see how to transform yourself into a cute cat.

5. A Deer

Apparently deer makeup is easier than I thought.

6. A Comic Book Character

This one is trippy.

7. This Spooky Spider Look

Benefit UK nails it with this tutorial using the same products you probably use on a daily basis (fake spiders not included).

8-10. The Snapchat Dog, Wonder Woman, & A Mermaid

This tutorial by Sarocha B is awesome. She first shows you how to become the Snapchat dog, then if you skip ahead to 1:40, she gives a tutorial for Wonder Woman, and last but not least, at 4:08 she does a mermaid makeup tutorial that is so beautiful. It's seriously amazing.

Also, thank you, Snapchat, for giving us so many costumes that focus solely on our faces.

11. Wednesday Addams

This Halloween costume is one of the best because you get to wear all black, too.

So there you go. All you need is your makeup collection and five minutes to be Halloween-ready.

Images: Megan Batoon/YouTube