How To Match Your Perfume To Your Favorite Fall 2016 Fashion Trend With Scentbird — PHOTOS

Fall scents are pretty signature — pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, clove, vanilla, and basically anything warm, cozy, and spicy. But they are not the only scents of the season. Perfume subscription service Scentbird has revealed the top fragrance trends for Fall 2016, matched with the top fashion trends for Fall 2016, because the brand wants fragrance lovers to be trendy from head to nose!

Scentbird's expert findings are thus. Fall 2016 fashion trends have been all about details, such as florals, ruffles, gold pieces, and statement outerwear with cool fabrics. And there is a scent (or two) that pairs perfectly with those looks. Luckily for you, you can sample these scents via Scentbird's services. For romantic and feminine bold floral prints, spritz Narciso Rodriguez's Narciso or Nest Fragrances Midnight Fleur. If it's ruffles you seek, pair your frilliest pieces with Tocca's Colette and/or BVLGARI Mon Jasmin Noir L'eau Exquise. Gold metallics are a thing, so why not match with a scent, like Commodity Gold?

If you are into the shearling bomber look, then you need to rock Costume National's So Nude fragrance. In other outerwear trends, plaid is a hot look and fabric and you should match it with My Burberry or Juliette Has a Gun's Miss Charming aura. This adorable infographic that Bustle is sharing exclusively details it all out for you.

ScentBird Subscription, $15, ScentBird

Fall still has nearly two months to go, so this visual can certainly help you choose a fall fragrance that will carry you into winter and beyond and which meshes with your personal style. Many of Fall 2016's fashion trends will remain as Winter 2016 fashion trends and therefore these scent pairings will remain legit.

ScentBird Subscription, $15, ScentBird

If you are a perfume lover but haven't used Scentbird, familiarize yourself with the Scentbird subscription process. It's a luxury service that sends you a 30-day supply of a designer fragrance of your choice for $14.95 per month. It allows you to test drive new scents without committing to a full bottle. It can also help you find your sig scent through sampling.

Image: Scentbird/Instagram (1), Courtesy of Scentbird (1)