13 Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clinton Memes & GIFs That You Need To Remember This Bizarre Election

It seems that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been at each other's throats for decades now, but come election night, voters will finally get the results they've been praying for (or absolutely dreading). Yet, there has been one beacon of hope in this year's otherwise-insane election: the good people of the internet and their constant barrage of Clinton and Trump memes, GIFs, and tweets. If you were in need of a good laugh during any of the debates, then these memes were here to save you during the all-too-often existent dread that came afterward.

From Clinton's shimmy to Trump's sniffles, the presidential debate provided voters with some much-needed comic relief. But as the bad ombres fade and the Ken Bones of the world come and go, voters have moved on to the most important evening of them all: election night.

And as the country moves closer to Nov. 8, a new round of memes and GIFs are here to help get the celebration started a little early. While some feature Clinton and Trump in a showdown, most tweets have taken the (realistic) liberty of calling the election night for the former secretary of state a little early:

Maybe It's A Stairway To Hell?

Meaning At Fox News' Headquarters...

It Has Been A Long Wait, After All

Complete With Confetti!

Don't Forget The Popcorn!

America's Next Top President...

Trump Had The Best Campaign Of All Time... Or Something

Clinton Doesn't Need To Apologize For Her Awesomeness

Her Supporters Ain't Sorry Either

A 3-D Trump Experience Sounds A Little Frightening

A Scene From Trump Tower

We'll Finally Get To See Trump Explode

Then We Can Finally Say...

So with any luck (and a lot of voting), Americans can finally put Trump back into the reality television circus where he belongs.