What Is In A Starbucks Frappula Frappuccino?

by Lily Feinn

Need a pre-trick-or-treat boost before hitting the streets the eve of Oct. 31? This Halloween weekend, Starbucks is offering a Vampiric-twist on their classic white chocolate mocha Frappuccino, and I tell ya, this limited-time beverage is scary good. If you are wondering what's in a Starbucks Frappula Frappuccino (yep, that's "Frappula" as in "Dracula"), look no further. This chocolatey dream, topped with a blood-red swirl of sweet strawberry puree, will make you want to do the monster mash in excitement. But the spooky fun won't last long, because just like Dracula, the Frappula will soon vanish into the night!

The Frappula made its debut last year, joining its monster-themed cousin the green tea Franken Frappuccino. If you didn't get a chance to try it, the chilly beverage is available to all fledgeling mummies, monsters, zombies, Wolfmen (and Wolfwomen), ghouls, and ghosts in the U.S. and Canada for just five short days, Oct. 27 through Oct. 31. If you are worried that this frightening new Frapp will have enough caffeine to raise the dead, never fear! The beverage only has five milligrams of caffeine, which is essentially equivalent to a cup of decaf. For a little boost, customize your Frapp by adding a shot of espresso to the mix and then prepare to go bump all through the night.

As any Sbux lover knows, a Frapp is classically a blend of ice, milk, and flavoring so if the outside temperature dips any lower you may need some fuzzy gloves to handle this cold drink.

Here's exactly what goes into Sbux's latest spooky creation:

Mocha Sauce

To start building this multi-layered drink, mocha sauce is drizzled on the bottom of the clear cup. This provides a rich chocolate base for the Frappula, and looks awful pretty contrasting with the white chocolate.

Whipped Cream

The barista will then add a scoop of velvety whipped cream on top of the chocolate. Hold up — shouldn't the whipped cream go on top of the drink? Well, it does, but it is also added to the mix to give this frapp some airy vanilla pockets of deliciousness. (Please excuse my drool.)

White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino Mix

There is a little coconut oil along with the cocoa butter that gives this white chocolate mocha its rich and creamy flavor profile. Just don't slurp it down too fast 'cause brain freeze is no joke.

Strawberry Puree

For the fang-tastic finish, your barista will top the concoction with a swirl of strawberry puree drizzled around the cup's rim. The bright fruity flavor of the syrup will perfectly balance the richness of the chocolate in this classic combo. The whole thing is topped with another whirl of whipped cream, and two adorable fang marks. Dracula would be proud!

Images: Courtesy of Starbucks, Giphy (1, 2, 3, 4)