Utilitarian, Platform Sandals Are In for Spring, But We're Not Sold Yet

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Echoing last year's ugly-chic birkenstocks trend, orthopedic-looking platforms are apparently in for spring. From Maison Martin Margiela to Marni, designers have flooded the fashion scene with flat, functional-looking platforms for Spring. Gone are the days when fashionistas would only favor delicate, prim pointy toed heels — perish the thought that they should wear clunky, comfortable footwear! Does this mean our feet finally get a break?

Many of us choose streamlined heels for their lengthening effect on our figure, or because we convince ourselves that sky-high, spindly heels do wonders for our posture. In reality, heels may do the opposite. Whatever the case, flat platform sandals give just about the reverse effect. They are the relaxed, comfortable cousin of the jet-set heel, and they certainly aren't for the faint of heart. And of course, they give your overworked soles a much-needed break.

However, when paired with a menswear-inspired ensemble or a chiffon skirt and sweater, they may actually evoke an offbeat-chic style. Whatever the consensus on the trend, we're filing it under "approach with caution". But if summer rolls around and you're still fascinated by the trend, try one of these nine platform sandal styles to satisfy your curiosity.

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