Troian Bellisario's Fiance Patrick J. Adams Bids 'Pretty Little Liars' Goodbye In The Most Touching Way

Wednesday was a sad day for the Pretty Little Liars cast and its fans, because it officially wrapped filming for good. After seven years of secrets, lies, deaths, and the infamous A, the beloved drama is no more. When something that is a huge part of your life comes to an end, it's never easy, which is exactly how Lucy Hale (Aria), Troian Bellisario (Spencer), Ashley Benson (Hanna), Shay Mitchell (Emily), Sasha Pieterse (Alison), and everyone else feel about PLL's close. That said, it's not just the main stars who are bidding adieu to the series. Bellisario's fiancé Patrick J. Adams said goodbye to Pretty Little Liars in a beautiful and supportive way. He didn't write just one, but two letters. Yes, he is just that proud of his love.

First, Bellisario shared on Instagram a letter written by the Suits star in the voice of her PLL character, Spencer Hastings. Alongside it, she wrote, "When you get to your last day of work on @prettylittleliars and @halfadams writes you an email as Spencer... saying thank you and goodbye. I had no idea how hard this would be." His letter probably made it even more difficult because it's so emotional. Part of it reads,

"I want to wish you and Aria and Emily and Hannah (and Hardy) a little peace and quiet wherever you head from here. May there be less corpses, text messages, doll houses, mind games, drug addictions, tears and disappeared loved ones wherever it is you end up. You've earned a little quiet time. Read a book. Take some naps. Keep Toby close. #spoby4life"

By the way, the "Hardy" Adams refers to is the character he played on PLL . That's right, he appeared in Season 1, Episode 5, "Reality Bites Me." His connection to the series is more than just Bellisario, but still, he recognizes how emotional of a time this is for his fiancée. Why else would he take the time to write a letter as Spencer and another one directly from his heart?

His own personal letter is quite lengthy and addresses PLL directly. He mentions how he's "had a complicated and pretty long relationship" with PLL thanks to "the countless mornings that @sleepinthegardn had to slink away before sunrise or the painful Sunday nights when she'd have to board a plane and cross the 2516 miles back to your loving arms." Even though it was hard for him to part ways with Bellisario — because "who would ever want to let her go?" — he is so proud of her and the woman and actor she's become while appearing in the series. He writes,

"Today I'm not jealous. Today I'm pretty grateful. Because in the last 8 years I've watched Troian live and learn and grow more than most people get the chance to in a lifetime. You've challenged her, pushed her, asked more of her than she even knew she had and then gave us the gift of being able to celebrate her."

Yeah, Adams is pretty much the best fiancé ever. He realizes just how fantastic Bellisario is and can't wait to see what else will come in her career. "So #PLL I wish you well and I'm sorry for any disagreements — we both meant well," he writes. "But now I'm gonna take Troian's hand back and follow wherever it leads."


If you'll excuse me, I need to go grab a lot of tissues. Between Adams' sweet words of support and PLL ending, this is a lot to handle.

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