#CockInASock Selfies Raise Money for Cancer

People keep coming up with new and exciting ways to fight cancer. Even selfies have been drafted into the cause. Meet the #cockinasock selfie, a new kind of, er, personal photo that's taking off as a way for men to raise awareness and cash for the cause of testicular cancer. This tactic involves gentlemen from across the interwebs taking selfies while wearing nothing but a strategically placed sock.


So, I'm not sure what this has to do with cancer, any more than I'm sure what the no makeup selfie fundraiser thing had to do with cancer when that got bizarrely popular, but hey, I guess if it raises money for research it's good? I mean, I personally think that raising money for cancer research has gotten entirely too gimmicky and lost sight of the fact that there are real, human lives involved — but I'm also not one to sneer at the money raised through gimmicks to help real, human lives either. Even if those gimmicks involve a Twitter hashtag called #CockInASock.

I feel like this should go on some sort of timeline tracking our progression towards the end of the world or something. Is anybody working on that?

Of course, plenty of people have been pointing out how ridiculous this whole thing is:

All of which are very valid points. But since it isn't every day that pictures of mostly naked men are floating around the Internet instead of the other way around, we've collected a couple of the less graphic examples of these gems. I'm not sure how useful they are to cancer, but by all means, enjoy yourselves. Though, I'm pretty sure the length on some of these socks is fairly optimistic.

And last but certainly not least: