Sheryl Crow's Petition To Shorten Election Cycles Is Picking Up Steam — VIDEO

You may know Sheryl Crow, a human ray of Southern sunshine, for her hit songs like "The First Cut Is the Deepest" and "All I Wanna Do." In a Facebook Live interview with Bustle, however, Crow got to talk about all that she wants you to do for the next campaign season: shorten the election cycle. Crow says, "My goal is to put some civility back into our election process by shortening it. ... Two years is too long to campaign, certainly."

An outspoken Democrat and a mom of two young boys, Crow encourages people to sign a petition urging voters to insist for change. She explained how she has changed her own political outlooks now that she is a mother. "My 9-year-old came home from school and asked me if I was voting for 'the liar' or 'the crazy man.' And this is the kind of language kids hear at school about the future president of the United States," she tells Bustle politics editor Emily Shire.

In 2016's heated political climate, it's no wonder that Crow and many others are looking forward to the future. "What winds up happening is the media outlets... the lobbyists, everyone benefits from this except for the voter. What the voters care about is what does the future look like? What does the future look like for my 6-year-old and 9-year-old?" Crow asks.

Now that Crow is continuing her path down the "winding road" of politics, fans wonder if Crow will someday enter the ring herself. "I'm a better mom," she says, before taking a moment to reconsider. She continues, with a laugh, "I'm a better rock star." Who could argue with that?

You can join Crow in her efforts to shorten elections by signing her petition here.

Image: Lauren Betesh/Bustle