Daybreaker's "Dance Canvassing" With Hillary Clinton's Campaign Just Made Voting Exciting Again

I’ll be honest: This election doesn’t have me feeling much excitement about getting to exercise my constitutional right to vote, so much as an intense sense of “Oh, God, please let this be over.” But could dancing make the wait for Election Day less grim? Daybreaker recently launched “dance canvassing” to get people pumped up to vote, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: Canvassing while dancing at the same time. Seriously, going door to door has never looked more fun. And, let’s face it, in an election cycle that that can best be described with the words “depressing,” “soul crushing,” and “dumpster fire,” we can use all the fun we can get.

You may already know of Daybreaker from the early-morning dance parties the organization holds in cities all over the country. Last Saturday, the group partnered with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to canvass door to door in Philadelphia and encourage people to vote in November. Usually canvassing looks like a pretty staid affair (mostly involving a lot of people walking around with clipboards), but Daybreaker mixed things up with balloons, a blasting stereo, and 25 happy people dancing their butts off in public. As Daybreaker’s Facebook page asks, “How much more fun is it to open your door and there's a party happening outside with balloons, music and happy people reminding you to get out the vote?”

Just look at these shining, happy people:

YAY voting! As Daybreaker reminds us: “Don't forget to make plans for voting day!”

Images: DAYBREAKER/Facebook (3)