10 Weird But Genius Sex Toys People are Buying on Amazon

Sex toys come in all shapes in sizes. While some emulate the iconic Rabbit shape or typical G-spot stimulator, there are certain models that you can't help but look at and say, "Wait, where does it even go?" Well, despite their unconventional shapes, some of these weird but highly-reviewed sex toys on Amazon get the job better than the more familiar standards.

Now, if you haven't played around with a vibrator at some point, you don't know what you're missing out on. Not only can sex toys be physically beneficial in the bedroom, utilizing one with your partner often brings a newfound sense of excitement into your relationship, allowing you both to explore new pleasures. And for the single gals, a sex toy can be a great way to feel more body- and sex-positive about yourself while also giving you fantastic feelings. Using a vibrator or dildo can even be educational, allowing you to explore the hidden spots that bring about the big O. And really, who doesn't want stronger orgasms in bed?

In this roundup, I've included an interesting mix of sex toys for every person's need, as well as a few picks to suit some special fetishes — if that's your thing, of course. And if you're new to the sex toy train, don't worry: many of these are perfect for beginners and not intimidating whatsoever. They're literally the gifts that keep on giving.

1. The Magical Oral Sex Simulator

Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Massager, $32, Amazon

While this gadget looks like one of those pocket fans you might whip out at an amusement park on a hot day, it's actually a sex toy that mimics the feels of oral sex. This handy device has 10 "tongues" that move like a fan to provide the targeted clitoral stimulation you get from someone going down on you. Enjoy the solo action by playing around with its six speeds, or ask your partner to use it on you to amp up sexy time.

2. The Dainty Fingertip Vibrator

Jimmyjane Hello Touch Classic Vibrator , $65, Amazon

The Hello Touch is a fingertip vibrator that will enhance your masturbation game. That's right: you put this device directly on your own fingers. While the method may seem a little daunting at first, it's actually pretty brilliant. The dual motions of this gadget will help you vibrate in ways that you simply can't accomplish while just using your fingers, and it's totally waterproof and washable. And don't be fooled by the size — it's got a powerful zap to help you reach an orgasm, big-time.

3. The "Wait, Where Does That Go?" Vibrator

We Vibe The Original, $59, Amazon

Ever look at a sex toy and wonder, "Where do I even put that?" That's exactly how I felt about this one, but trust me, once you figure it out, it's only uphill from there. The OG We-Vibe provides pleasure for two by clinging around the clit and leading up the G-spot. When you and your partner use this classic tool, you're sure to feel double the pleasure, double the orgasms, and double the fun.



Tenga Flip Hole, $68, Amazon

"Only product I've ever used that makes me gasp," raved one reviewer of this unique masturbation toy, which has a cult-like following on Amazon. It features a hard case and had front buttons that allow you to really manage and adjust how you use this. With its ribbed interior made from soft elastomer material, this gives multiple sensations at once and delivers total stimulation with each use. This toy also is super-easy to clean, which is important when using any kind of stroker.

5. This Funky-Looking Cock Ring That's Actually Great For Clitoral Stimulation


Sexbaby Clitoral Vibrator with Double Cock Rings, $11, Amazon

This two-in-one cock ring has plenty of buzz, and while it might seem intimidating, you'll definitely feel the payoff where it counts. It comes with an innovative double loop design that functions just like a cock ring should, while the dildo attached can provide intense clitoral stimulation through vibration for partners. "WOW! EXPLOSIVE," wrote one reviewer. "... Not only does it help get a strong, big erection, the vibrator is position just right, Just go deep and hold it there, before you know it, your woman will explode."

6. The Long Distance Sex Solution


We-Vibe Rave G-Spot Stimulator, $64, Amazon

Wow, FaceTime will never be the same again. Not only does this G-spot stimulator cause a serious buzz during your calls, it's ergonomically designed to work with your body's unique shape. Every vibration can be controlled by your partner through the accompanying app, putting them in control of your pleasure (or vice versa). Who says LDRs can't work out?

7. The Butt Plug With A Cat Tail

Frisky Bad Kitty Silicone Cat Tail Anal Plug , $24, Amazon

Yup, the cat obsession has even made its way over to sex toys. Now you can feel like a literal cat while getting some butt play action. Aside from the furry tail, this anal plug features a tapered shape that makes it easy to insert and is comfortable enough for long wear. Plus, the two side loops secure a bullet vibrator for an even more intense sensation. Meow!

8. The Vibrator That Looks Just Like Your Lipstick


SCREAMING O My Secret Vibrating Lipstick, $11, Amazon

For the shy girl who's nervous about a roommate — or worse, a family member — catching you in the act, this is a miracle option. On the outside, it looks like any old tube of lipstick, but when you press the button, it's a high-powered bullet with four different speeds. That's a lot of power for something so small! And speaking of size, its tininess makes it easy to fit in your makeup bag for solo sessions on-the-go.



Bitch Fist Dildo, $17, Amazon

This silicone replica of a real hand is definitely one of the most intense toys you can find on Amazon. For folks who are into anal or vaginal fisting though, it's also hot AF. It totals six inches, with about 5.5 inches to penetrate with. Since it has a suction cup base, it's good for partner or solo play, and is so lifelike that it can really trigger sensations just like the real thing.

10. And Finally, The Totally Lifelike Dildo


Sexflesh 8-Inch Lifelike Squirting Dildo, $32, Amazon

Is it just me, or do dildos look realer and realer each year? With its true-to-life veins, testicles, and curvature, this dildo is beyond convincing. Its curved shaft allows you to use in different angles for a little G-spot action, too, but the real reason to try this weird but genius toy? It actually squirts. It's also easy to fill up with your, ahem, preferred liquid, and then all you have to do is squeeze the balls and they release.

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