Where Can You Buy NYX's Ultimate Eyeshadow Palettes? Here Are Your Options

Every so often a makeup release sneaks into the world without much fanfare, and it takes months of sold-out status to realize exactly how into it people are. Such is the case with NYX's Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette — launched back in April amid the continuous avalanche of eyeshadow palettes, it's still making waves for variations being constantly sold out. So where can you buy NYX's Ultimate Eyeshadow Palettes? Here's where to go.

NYX's Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette, $33, Amazon

First stop is the usual suspects: NYX's website itself has the palette stocked in the Brights, Warm Neutrals, and Cool Neutrals varieties (Smokey & Highlight is sold out at the moment, unfortunately). If you'd rather grab it from somewhere with a brick-and-mortar front, Ulta might have them in stock — one Redditor posted in r/MakeupAddiction that it slipped in under the radar at their store, and showed up right on the NYX display. The palettes aren't currently available online at Ulta, and it's unavailable in Warm Neutrals at Macy's — but they do have Smokey & Highlight, if that's the one you're searching for.

And likewise ASOS currently has the palettes in Brights and Smokey & Highlight. Why are these guys scattered so piecemeal around the internet? I have no answers, only a suspicion people are grabbing up the Neutral varieties as soon as they see them.

NYX Cosmetics Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm Neutrals, $18, NYX

And who can blame them? At $18 (although prices can vary), the palettes are allegedly spot-on dupes for Viseart's $80 palettes.

Viseart Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral Matte, $115, Amazon

Look at the similarities!

Nyx Cosmetics Ultimate Shadow Palette Cool Neutrals, $37, Amazon

So pretty.

Viseart Eyeshadow Palette in Paris Nude, $80, Sephora

Nouveau Cheap compared the other two palettes, and they're equally doppelganger, if not more so. Swatches of the palette shows that pigmentation looks gorgeous, so hopefully they'll all regularly be in stock soon — until then, here's hoping NYX's shipping is speedy like the wind.

Images: Courtesy of Brands