The 'Pitch Perfect 2' Scene You Didn’t Get To See Involves A Pig & A Pool

It's no secret to Pitch Perfect fans that Rebel Wilson ad-libs a lot of Fat Amy's lines, so it should also come as no surprise that there's a lot that doesn't make it into the final cut of the film. That's what the deleted scenes are for, after all. However, according to Brittany Snow — the actress who plays Chloe Beale — there are some scenes that don't even make it into the bonus features either. In fact, there's a deleted Pitch Perfect 2 scene that no one's ever seen and it involves, of all things, a pet pig.

"There was a lot of stuff that didn’t make it into [the second one]," says Snow. "It’s always sort of funny. I always think, ‘Oh, well then it wasn’t meant to be.’"

However, the description of the scene we never got to see is probably going to be enough to make you wish that it had been meant to be — if only because it's completely random. The moment took place during the Treble initiation party, of which we get to see an extended cut in the film's deleted scenes package. But in this unseen, truly deleted scene, things get wild.

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Chloe is screaming as she throws her shirt off and jumps into the pool, however, no one else is willing to jump into the pool with her, because, well, they're wearing nice clothes and don't want to get them wet. But, as Snow reveals, there was someone willing to get in the water: The pet pig that Benji Applebaum unveils during a magic trick later in the film. Apparently, Chloe and that pig had quite an interaction. Snow explains,

"After I jump in the pool, the pet pig... He jumped in the pool after me, swimming around, trying to chase me. That was one of the weirdest things, and terrifying. I love pigs so I don’t know why it was so terrifying. I don’t know if anyone has ever felt a baby pig hoof on their shoulder while in water, but it’s quite weird. Not a normal feeling. It’s quite alarming. So, that happened. That didn’t make it into the movie, but that pig and I, we had a moment."

It's unclear why this scene never made the final cut, but, to be fair, Pitch Perfect 2 wasn't exactly hurting for funny scenes. Still, I, for one, would have loved to laugh my way through Chloe inexplicably befriending a pig in the pool at a party when no one else would dive in with her.

But, considering Bumper's (Adam Devine) response to the pig later in the film (see: not at all pleased), maybe I'm the only one who would have enjoyed it.

Image: Universal Pictures