Chrissy Teigen & Baby Luna Do Halloween Right

by Courtney Lindley

It seems as if Chrissy Teigen's prayers have finally been answered. She has found not one, but two adorable Halloween costumes for Luna for her adorable. Not only does adorable six-month-old baby Luna seem to understand the importance of a good Halloween costume, homegirl understands that you've gotta have options. (Or, I guess, Teigen understands that you've gotta have options and baby Luna is complicit in that understanding, but still. She's so cute. What we're we talking about again?) Anyway, as if anybody needed further proof that a baby made by Teigen and Legend would look endearing dressed as a frankfurter or bird, Teigen shared some photos of Luna all dolled up in her costumes on Instagram to confirm such a theory.

First up, there's baby Luna as a hot dog. Complete with an expression that — as her mother points out — reads "Why me?" But there's also a second option, you know, just in case Luna changes her mind as babies so often do (fickle, those ones). If Luna chooses to forgo the hot dog costume for something a little more vibrant, she can instead hit the Halloween streets in a bright bird costume. Complete with a massive head adornment, and peacock feet booties. Because — as her mother points out — you couldn't possibly think that she only bought the hot dog costume, could you?

At this point, Luna as a hot dog seems like the clear winner right? So long as she walks around the whole night with that same expression on. However, we've yet to see the secondary costume. So, without further ado, behold baby Luna as the cutest peacock to have ever lived. (Sorry in advance to all other peacocks.)

Tough to say whether or not these beat those Snapchats of Luna dressed up as a mermaid wearing a crocheted shell bikini top, but it's a close call. When it comes to costumes, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's baby has given every celebrity toddler — and honestly, maybe every toddler ever — a run for their money.