Here's How Californians Can Watch Election Results

While the presidential election is big news for every voter in the nation, there's a significant number of state-specific contests and issues facing voters in California. In fact, when voters in California unfold their ballots this year, they will find themselves facing the longest list of statewide propositions seen in the state since 2000. Along with casting votes for president and vice president, voters across California will also elect Senate and House representatives and weigh in on 17 ballot measures this year when they head to the polls on Nov. 8. Although choices on the ballot may be limited, when it comes to results, voters have more than a few different options for watching election results in real time in California.

California voters face a bewildering number of ballot measures, more than they've seen in the last 16 years. Propositions 51 to 67 address a handful of pressing local issues ranging from legalizing marijuana to regulating ammunition sales to raising taxes on tobacco to the future of the state's use of the death penalty. While statewide results will be available online through the California Secretary of State's official website, it's hardly the only way to stay informed after the polls close Nov. 8.

Here's a sampling of how California voters can stay on top of general election results around the state.

Stream It

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You've got plenty of options if you want to watch the results online from the comfort of your computer screen.

YouTube will be streaming NBC, PBS, MTV, Bloomberg, Telemundo and The Young Turks on Election Day, starting at 7 p.m. EST.

Election Watch Parties

Voters in the Bay Area can head to the Uptown Nightclub in Oakland after polls close to watch live TV news coverage of election results in the best place possible — a bar. In Sacramento, California's capital, the Libertarian Party of Sacramento County will be hosting an election night watch party complete with free pizza, a cash bar, and gelato stand. Farther south, the Democratic Party of Orange County will be hosting an election watch party in Santa Ana to stay on top of both nationwide and statewide results.

With Popcorn At An AMC Theater

AMC Theaters has teamed up with CNN to bring live election night coverage to the big screen for AMC Stubs members at 50 movie theaters in select cities across the country, including Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, according to Deadline.


If the only screen you plan to plant yourself in front of come Nov. 8 is a computer screen, POLITICO's live election results coverage may be your best bet for staying informed. Along with covering how the state's 58 counties vote in the presidential election, the political website will monitor the results of California's Senate and House races throughout the night.

Through Public Radio and TV

In San Diego, PBS member station KPBS — which is owned by San Diego State University — will keep voters informed all evening through its website, radio, and TV stations.

Through Local News Outlets

The Sacramento Bee is one of a handful of California news outlets that will offering up-to-the-minute live coverage of the state's general election results. Both the San Francisco Chronicle and the Los Angeles Times are also expected to provide results coverage throughout the evening Nov. 8.

With more than a dozen measures on the ballot, there's a lot at stake for California voters this year. While the presidential race is a great reason for anyone to tune to live election coverage when polls close Nov. 8, Californians may find they have 17 additional reasons to keep abreast of their local election results.