Where Are The Weeknd’s Pop-Up Shops? Here’s What Fans Need To Know

If you haven't heard, The Weeknd is coming out with a new album soon, Starboy. Along with that, he's also the next musician to collaborate with Puma to create a shoe and fashion line. With all of this on his plate. it only seems natural that the next step is for the Weeknd to open pop-up shops across the country — which is exactly what the singer is doing.

Coinciding with the release of his highly anticipated album, the musician has announced a series of pop-up shops which will be open on Nov. 4-6. These shops, named Starboy, will be open to build even more anticipation for the album of the same moniker, which will be released on Nov. 25.

In terms of where these shops will be and whether or not they'll be at a location near you, well, he hasn't exactly announced that yet. But if you're a fan and are ready to get some The Weeknd swag, you can sign up on his official website to be on the mailing list for more information when the time comes.

We don't know what you can expect from these stores, but there's no doubt that there will be some of The Weeknd's merchandise and music. However, there will likely be a surprise in there for anyone who attends, because after all, he did announce his partnership with Puma.

The Weeknd made his pop-up shop announcement on social media.

Fans are in high anticipation for the album, so you know that the pop-ups are going to be super popular.

Will you be looking out for more details about the pop-up stores? Don't forget to sign up on the mailing list to see where they'll be!