How To Watch Election Results In Ohio In Real Time

Residents and non-residents of the Buckeye State will be watching on election night as Ohio's voting results are announced. As a crucial swing state, and one of the few within the grasp of Republican nominee Donald Trump, how Ohioans cast their ballot will be a national story. Thankfully, there are plenty of real-time options available to watch Ohio's votes roll in.

Ohio, Gov. John Kasich is one of the few prominent Republicans who has refused to endorse Donald Trump. Will he be disappointed if Trump loses Ohio, or will Kasich be celebrating? Either way, he'll certainly be rooting for Sen. Rob Portman, the Republican running against Democrat Ted Strickland. Portman has a big lead in the polls, and is the odds-on favorite to maintain his senate seat.

Many college campuses also offer watch parties for students. The University of Dayton even encourages students to bring homework along, which may not be a bad idea, considering the hours of results coverage.

For those who prefer to watch the Ohio results at home, election night will dominate most major networks. And of course, cable news will provide nonstop updates as well, including how the vote in Ohio is coming in. But for just local, Ohio-only stories, watch live at 10 TV.


Want to read along online? Politico has it covered. They will be live updating their Ohio map, broken down into all 88 counties, so visitors can peruse at their leisure like a pro. Similar maps are also provided by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, though they're not previewing them quite yet.

And for all who find themselves mobile during the election results reveal: there's an app for that. CNN Politics provides regular live updates, and will keep its users informed with up-to-the-minute coverage. That definitely includes how Ohio votes, being the critical swing state that it is.

Image: Wikimedia Commons (1)