Chris Hemsworth's Apology For Once Dressing Up As A Native American Shows He's Learned A Very Important Lesson

In a Thursday Instagram post supporting the people of Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota where the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline is to be built, Chris Hemsworth apologized for dressing up as a Native American during a Lone Ranger-themed New Year's Eve party last year. Alongside a photo of the Thor star and Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, Hemsworth expressed his sorrows for disrespecting a group of individuals with his choice of costume.

He wrote,

In December 2015, the Marvel star, his wife, Elsa Pataky, and others were photographed wearing costumes resembling those of Native Americans. The photo, posted to Pataky's Instagram, has since been removed. Hemsworth and Pataky were immediately scrutinized for what many deemed as cultural appropriation and lack of respect for an indigenous group of people. According to the Daily Mail, one comment on the photo read, "This is so disappointing to see. Native Americans are real, their culture is real." Another person reportedly responded, "Oh no Thor has gone and effed up with this cultural appropriation." But there were some fans who seemingly defended the couple. One reportedly commented, "Try to ignore the hate here. You guys are having fun and no one is hurt by it."

Now, many fans are thankful for Hemsworth admitting he was wrong and finally saying sorry. "Thank you, sir," one person commented. "It takes a good person to admit wrong and to try to make up for it. It means a lot to a lot of us." Another responded, "Bravo Chris. It takes a real man to admit when he errors. Everyone's support on this issue has been wonderful. I'm a proud Cherokee and it hurts deeply that our heritage is still taken for granted. We deserve better. America deserves better."

It may have taken the 33-year-old actor longer than some might have liked to apologized, but at least he has issued one and it appears to be super genuine. Based on his words, it sounds like his serious about having learned his lesson.