How To Watch Election Results In Georgia Live

The 2016 presidential election is finally, mercifully nearing its end. It's been a long, winding, sometimes harrowing road to bring us to this point, in what often feels like the political equivalent of a fever dream. Odds are you'll want to have some resources on hand for live, up-to-the-minute results on the night of Nov. 8, so if you're wondering how to watch election results in Georgia in real time, here are some solid options for you.

Luckily, both mainstream media and social media alike will have their attentions fixed on the gradually escalating vote totals in each state, so it shouldn't be too difficult to follow along. All of the major cable news channels ― CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News ― will be providing wall-to-wall coverage, and anytime a major state is called or there's something predictive revealed by the early vote totals, you can be sure it's going to be mentioned. Especially in a place like Georgia, which isn't even supposed to be a battleground state, and where a Hillary Clinton win could effectively derail Donald Trump's chances, all but sealing his defeat.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

But there will also assuredly be a slew of options for you to follow the state results live online, with live updates coming from some of America's foremost political news outlets. The New York Times, for example, will surely have a site running with all the latest returns, just like they did in the primaries, and The Guardian's website is another safe bet to follow along ― no telling just yet whether their awesome 8-bit Trump and Clinton avatars will be back, but here's hoping!

As far as a site you can definitively bank on covering the returns from the Peach State, Politico already has a dedicated page for tracking the results out of Georgia, There's no information on it yet, because naturally, Election day is still days away. But that's one place that you can be sure you can rely on.


As it stands now, the polls are showing a very tight race in Georgia, with just days left to go. A Quinnipiac poll just showed Trump up by one point, and other recent polls have similarly shown a tightening race ― a couple of them have Trump up two, and another has Trump up four. In short, even though Clinton is still a distinct underdog there (FiveThirtyEight's polling model gives her just a 28 percent chance to prevail), it's still worlds closer than anyone would've expected a year ago, back before Trump put the stranglehold on the Republican nomination.

You can always follow along with online live coverage, or you can rely on the talking heads on TV to keep you up to date.