Benedict Cumberbatch Is Promoting ‘Doctor Strange’ With Puppies & It’s The Best Possible Strategy — VIDEO

As if those good people at Marvel Studios know exactly what I want from life, they created a promo video for Doctor Strange combining three of my favorite things in the world: Benedict Cumberbatch, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and adorable puppies. Released exclusively by E! Online, the beyond cute video shows Cumberbatch and some puppies promoting Doctor Strange. But they're not just any puppies — they're superhero dogs. And I'm absolutely fit to explode with joy from it, guys. This is too much.

Narrating the video, Cumberbatch gives a brief rundown of the main heroes who've starred in some of the most iconic Marvel movies in recent memory — and all of them are brought to life with the help of some very talented puppies. There's Iron Man, played by what looks like a great dane; Bruce Banner aka the Hulk, played by a chihuahua and a labrador, respectively; Thor, played by a cockapoo; and Captain America, portrayed by a border collie.

After this roll call, Cumberbatch proudly announced that it's "time for a new hero to rise" before he proclaimed, "Behold, the majesty of Doctor Strange" — only to reveal a less than enthusiastic pug, who hilariously appears to think the gig may be beneath him. Top off your love for all things Marvel, Cumberbatch, and puppy-related by watching the video below.

Honestly, I'm still feeling pretty dazzled by the appearance of puppies dressed as key members of The Avengers. I also think they got the casting pretty spot on. As the sort of woman who can't walk through a park without saying hello to about 100 dogs within 10 minutes, I feel pretty qualified to pontificate on exactly why these particular puppy breeds were so well-suited to their roles. So let's ponder a little more, shall we?

Iron Man, Great Dane

Great danes were originally bred for hunting, but this dog breed is much more friendly than ferocious these days. So in essence, they're full of love and devotion, but still have a somewhat tough exterior — much like Tony Stark himself.

Bruce Banner, Chihuahua

Anyone who's ever had the pleasure of hanging out with a chihuahua knows just how quick, smart, and alert they are. And despite their diminutive size, they can actually be totally courageous and will most definitely yap away at you in anger if you refuse to play with them. Making them the perfect choice for Banner, whose combination of smarts and anger issues led to him making a lot of noise of his own.

The Hulk, Labrador

Just like The Hulk, labradors are big and powerful but they're also incredibly agile and intelligent. However, it's a good thing that labrador is wearing those iconic purple pants and is painted green, because the gentle, even-tempered qualities of this particular dog definitely don't suit The Hulk at all.

Thor, Cockapoo

Loving and outgoing (and so beautiful that you just want to dote on them forever), the cockapoo is the spiritual dog equivalent to the Norse god of Thunder. I can also happily forgive that the cockapoo's tiny size is nowhere near Thor's brawny build, because what they lack in size, they make up for in their luscious fur. And let's be honest here, Thor totally has the best hair in the Marvel Universe.

Captain America, Border Collie

Much like Captain America, border collies are impressively tenacious, hardworking, and smart. They're also known for being highly responsive and taking orders, much like an ex-military superhero might.

Doctor Strange, Pug

Well now, this is the one dog which fits the character perfectly. They not only bear the charm and playfulness, which makes Doctor Strange such an entertaining character, but they're also supremely clever and sociable — which means that yeah, they can totally do some awesome tricks for you. Definitely sounds like they picked the right puppy for this assignment.

Oh gosh, that was too adorable. Marvel Studios definitely needs to make an Avengers movie in which every character is portrayed by a dog. In fact, I think everyone should sign a petition to make sure this happens ASAP — who's with me?

Images: EOnline/Marvel Studios (6)