Demi Lovato Fans Want Kathy Griffin Dead

by Caitlyn Callegari

The Lovatics are coming! The Lovatics are coming! What's worse than calling someone a douche? Threatening to kill someone. In usual overzealous and emotionally impulsive fandom fashion, Demi Lovato worshipers took to their soap box (Twitter) to proclaim their desire to, err, kill Kathy Griffin. Off with her head! We won't get too far into the gritty details, but we suppose that Griffin may have provoked the young and impassioned fans by slamming their idol in a snarky and uncalled for tweet about her being "the douchiest" celeb. Lovato didn't shy away from the redhead's name calling, as she rebutted via Twitter, and that was that. Except for the fact that intense fandoms don't typically like to let things like this go too easily.

Case in point, the slew of Kathy Griffin death threats. Now, when we think of Demi Lovato and her feel good, up tempo beats or her hauntingly beautiful ballads, we don't necessarily equate her with brutish, senseless violence, and we'd be right. True to her Let It Go mantra, Lovato stressed on Twitter that her fans weren't helping matters by spewing hateful threats. Afterall, Lovato didn't need any backup she did a fine job of defending herself.

Can't we all just get along?! Read below for some of the outrageous and explicit tweets by the crazed fans: