7 Signs You're On The Rebound

Breakups can be transformative. Changing your outlook, changing your hair, and changing your daily habits are just a few of the signs you're on the rebound, according to a new BuzzFeed video. Heartbreak and emotional turmoil aside, the silver lining to every split is getting to remake yourself however you see fit.

My favorite rebound was at 26, when I emerged out from under the watchful eye of a man a bit too conservative for my tastes. He was the type who loved my unconventional aesthetic and party girl spirit when we met, but slowly became afraid I would embarrass him in front of "important" friends. When he started telling me how to dress — even going so far as helping his mother pick out a conservative outfit for me — I knew it could never work.

After the breakup, I (of course) went wild. I cut and dyed my hair. I made up for lost time by getting all the tattoos my ex said I shouldn't get. I got serious about a few creative projects that had been on the back burner. In short, I was on the rebound, and it was probably pretty obvious to my friends.

According to BuzzFeed, here are seven ways you know someone is on the rebound:

1. You Get Serious About Work.

When you're newly single, work can easily become the focus of your days and nights, as you have extra time to pour yourself into new projects.

2. You Work Out More.

Self-care is often on the mind of folks post-break up, hence an increase in exercise.

3. You Hang Out With Friends More.

When every night isn't dominated by watching TV with your S.O., there's way more opportunities to hang out catch up with friends.

4. You Dress Up More.

A self-care post-breakup necessity is dressing up and looking your best. And if you're the type who's immediately on to the next one, it doesn't hurt to look hot when you're on the prowl.

5. Your Selfie Game Improves.

Whether you're online dating, frexting, or just posting sexy pics because you're feeling yourself, selfies can be a powerful tool when you're single.

6. You Hit Tinder.

If you're under 40, singlehood often means hitting dating apps to meet a new hookup — or maybe even a future partner.

7. You Hook Up More.

Unless you're in a non-monogamous relationship, post-breakup time can be the time to run wild and get your hookup on. You know someone's on the rebound when they're exploring new things — and new people — with abandon.

Check out the video here.

Images: BuzzFeedVideo/YouTube