When Are The Puma Fierece KRM Coming Out? Get Ready To Shop The Sneakers Of The Season

It’s hard not to love whatever Kylie Jenner promotes. I mean, when it comes to fashion and beauty, the girl knows what she’s doing. So, if she’s repping the Puma brand, then I have no problems following suit. When do the Puma Firece KRM come out? This is just the kind of thing you need to know so you can get your footwear game up to Jenner’s level.

Jenner’s been advertising the upcoming Fierce installation, and the photos are just too good. Between her dark lipstick and her matching dark sneakers, I'm absolutely sold on the idea of getting a pair of these Puma kicks. If you feel the same way, then you’re going to want to head over to the Puma website Nov. 3 to shop these shoes the moment they become available.

The slip-on aspect is really cool, but it’s the color of the shoe that is actually selling me on them. The pair Jenner's wearing is a deep burgundy shade, and that couldn't be more on-trend for the season. Prepare to step up your winter athleisure style. Because that’s exactly what these sneakers are going to allow you to do.

Jenner is rocking this plum hue. According to Footwear News, they'll also come in olive green, black and white colorways.

Shop these the moment they drop online. Once you do, you'll have your go-to shoes sorted for all of your winter athleisure needs.

Incredible colors and lace detailing? I'll take 'em.

I don't know about you, but I'd gladly buy whatever Jenner is selling.

And even if Jenner weren't killing it in these kicks, they'd still be too good to pass up.

Image: puma/Instagram (1)