Can You Buy Bondi Sands Self Tanner At Target? Australia's Favorite Bronzing Product Is Coming To A New Retailer

I don't regularly go around smelling self-tanner — but when I do, I seek out Bondi Sands. The best way to describe the self tanner's scent would be "chocolate-scented wonderland beach," undeniably coconut, but with some cocoa notes and a warm, suntan scent. This tanner's smell is the first that I've ever raved about, and probably part of the reason it's Australia's number-one selling self tanning brand. The continent knows their stuff, and with Bondi Sands' line of tanning products just launched at Target, it just got a lot easier to share the love.

Previously only widely available at Ricky's NYC in the U.S., the line's move to Target means big things. Because while drugstore self tanners have definitely come a long way in recent years, formulas few and far between have been able to shake the DHA biscuit smell. Innovations have mainly focused on color and delivery — tanners like Jergens' Natural Glow Instant Sun Moisturizing Lotion nail it on the color and dry-down time, on par with higher end options like St. Tropez. But price and effectiveness aside, you can't beat the scent of Bondi Sands. And while I can only speak to the Liquid Gold Dry-Oil variety, the color looks as good as it smells, leaving skin with a toasty, streak-free gold the morning after one use.

Jergens' Natural Glow Instant Sun Moisturizing Lotion , $11, Amazon; St.Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse, $44, Amazon; Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self Tanning Dry Oil, $24, Amazon

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self-Tanning Dry Oil, $24, Target

Also of note is the brand's "Self-Tanning Back Applicator," and extendable, padded contraption to reach every spot on your back. I've always abided by the "if I can't see it, it doesn't exist" philosophy, but intriguing nonetheless. WWD reports that Bondi Sands' Target release will soon be rolling out nationwide, with about ten products available in stores, among them self-tanning foams, gradual tanning milk and a wash-off instant tan, priced largely around $24. And if my full-out rave didn't convince you how good these tanners are (the smell! We need virtual smell technology ASAP, just for this), maybe these strangers on Twitter will.

She gets it.

This guy's living the dream.

The cocoa hints are just...nngh.

Some people are wary...

...but the proof is in the photograph.

Pretty much.

Winter can eff off.

Images: Bondi Sands