Harley Quinn Hair Is A Halloween Must-Have

by Allie Gemmill

If there's one movie character that will be at the top of everyone's list this Halloween, it's Harley Quinn. The Suicide Squad's resident villainess has a look that utterly to-die-for look that can be easily replicated. Bonus: it's just the right mix of mischievous, sassy, and sweet to fit the many stages of Halloween exhilaration you're sure to experiences when you wear it. No matter how you choose to create your Harley Quinn costume though, the one element that cannot be foregone is her hair. In Suicide Squad, she has long white hair with pink and blue ombré ends (probably permanently dyed from that dip in the chemical bath). When fighting, she puts it up into pigtails to remind everyone she's got a sweeter side (can't forget about that, puddin').

Harley Quinn's look is the literal definition of iconic; in Suicide Squad, she's ditched her legendary harlequin costume and is revamped to modern perfection. This Halloween, you'll want to make sure you get the latest, updated version of her costume just right. Whether you're recreating Harley Quinn's sartorial statement to the letter or you're picking and choosing your favorite pieces to create a recognizable but personalized look, you're not going to want to skip a thing. Here are some ingenious and easy ways to get the perfect Harley Quinn hairstyle.


Harley Quinn Wig, $20, Amazon

A wig is the easiest way to go if you want to keep your hair just the way it is. If you want a softer look, this perfect Harley wig is $20 on Amazon.

Harley Quinn Wig, $20, Amazon

If you want top opt for a bolder take on the pink & blue Harley 'do, then this wig will earn you the biggest bang for your buck. Bonus: both of these wigs are available on Amazon Prime, so you can get it to your doorstep just in time for Halloween.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Harley Quinn hair Dye Kit, $15, Hot Topic

If you're feeling more adventurous, you can buy the Harley Quinn hair dye kit for $15 from Hot Topic. It comes with both colors, a hair bleaching kit, and special hair ties. I mean, what are you waiting for? You need this in your life.

Temporary Hair Spray

Blue Temporary Hair Spray, $6, Amazon

If you're in a rush, hair spray is the way to go. I kid you not, this stuff works wonders in a hurry. Go for High Beams Intense Temporary Spray in Headbangin' Blue $6.

Pink Temporary Hair Spray, $5, Amazon

Then, switch it up but keep it bright with High Beams Intense Temporary Spray in Popstar Pink $5.

Gold Temporary Hair Spray, $5, Amazon

If you want to go the extra mile and get the full Harley Quinn effect, use High Beams Intense Temporary Spray in Wicked White $5 on your roots.

Temporary Hair Chalk

Blue Liquid Chalk, $8, Sally Beauty

If you fancy a temporary hair dye option, but don't want to go through the process of bleaching your hair so that your color will stick, why not try L'Oreal's Liquid Chalk in Blue Hue $8 on one half of your hair.

Pink Liquid Chalk, $8, Sally Beauty

On the other half, use L'Oreal's Liquid Chalk in Pink Pop $8.

Splat Hair Chalk In Midnight Blue, $6, Amazon

If you're rather go for a more controlled application process, use Splat Hair Chalk in Midnight Blue $6 on the left side of your hair.

Splat Hair Chalk in Dusty Rose, $6, Amazon

Then use Splat Hair Chalk in Dusty Rose $6 on the right side.

Long-Lasting Hair Color

L'Oréal Paris Feria Pastels Hair Color, $8, Amazon

For those who want to keep the party going long after the Halloween vibes have worn off, there are options for a longer lasting color. Most pastel shades often wash out, but these options will fight the good fight before washing out. For a lighter but more effective blue, go for L'Oreal Paris Smokey Pastels in Smokey Blue $8.

Pastel Pink Hair Dye, $8, Amazon

For the other half, you can go with Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Pearlescence in Pastel Candy $8

Sparks Bright Hair Color in Electric Blue, $12, Amazon

If you want a louder and longer lasting color, then Sparks is your main choice. Use their Bright Hair Color in Electric Blue $12 on the left side.

Sparks Bright Hair Color in Pink Kiss, $8, SPARKS

For a poppier pink, use Bright Hair Color in Pink Kiss $8 on the right side.

No matter which method you use to get the maddeningly adorable Harley Quinn style, one thing will remain the same: you're going to knock 'em all dead on Halloween.

Images: Warner Bros.; Giphy; Probeauty, Rubies, L'Oreal Paris (3), Splat (3), High Beams (3),Schwarzkopf Professional, Sparks Hair Color (2)/Amazon; Hot Topic