Reactions To Anthony Weiner Causing A New Investigation Of Hillary Clinton's Emails Are Priceless

Just when you thought the 2016 presidential election couldn't get any more absurd or difficult to understand, a familiar face is once again the center of attention. The reactions to Anthony Weiner leading to more investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails are taking over the internet, and it's fair to say that few were expecting or hoping for the disgraced former New York congressman to return to the national consciousness — especially this close to the election.

Just 11 days out from the presidential election, FBI director James Comey's announcement that the bureau was investigating a new, undisclosed number of emails that appeared "pertinent" to its initial investigation of Clinton's handling of classified information landed with a thunderclap. But the story got weirder still as some details from anonymous sources at the FBI began to trickle out. The emails were reportedly not on Clinton's private server, and they weren't related to the hacking of her campaign manager John Podesta.

Then, The New York Times dropped the bombshell: The emails were found during the FBI's investigation of Weiner's sexting. Here are some of the reactions circulating through social media right now ― suffice it to say, people are pretty riled up:

Tripping Over It

Finding Trump's Tax Returns

Anthony Weiner's Phone

Of Course

Not So Much

Mediocre Children

Every Couple Years

Chekhov's Gun

The Same Damn Time

The Entire U.S. Government

Breaking The Glass Ceiling

The Perfect 2016 Story

Shaking Our Heads Knowingly

Curb Your Enthusiasm

The World Wonders

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

So Much For The Clinton Body Count

Finally Paid Off

Don't Ruin That Cake

Needless to say, the news has been met with a rather raucous reception. Hopefully, someday soon, Weiner and his sordid history will fade from the national consciousness, leaving us all some room to ponder the finer things in life. But apparently, he's not quite done with us yet.