This Video Of The O'Hare Plane Evacuation By A Passenger Is Terrifying

On Friday, a large fire on an American Airlines plane left behind a scene of devastation, with plumes of smoke traveling hundreds of feet in the air. All passengers were evacuated safely and no injuries have been reported; however, those forced to evacuate went through a terrifying ordeal. One video of passengers evacuating American Airlines plane Flight 383 showed revealed how scary the incident was for the passengers involved.

BuzzFeed unearthed the video and posted screenshots to its Twitter account with the tagline: "A passenger recorded his evacuation from the plane in O'hare Airport in Chicago." The video, posted by Facebook user Hector Gustavo Cardenas, had been published on Facebook with the caption: "Oh My FkEn Gosh..... I am SaFe..... holly F... OmG.... 15 Seconds later would have been on the air and would have been a good bye... Food for thought, don't take anything for granted and appreciate, because you just never know."

The video shows the chaos unfolding as passengers lined up to evacuate the plane. The camera then turns to show the burning plane the passengers left behind. The plane reportedly caught fire after leaving the terminal, shortly before it was scheduled to take off.

Other videos shot by people at the scene show the scale of the fire, which started at the plane's wing.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the incident.