Get Your Masks Ready For Britney & Tinashe’s Video

by Kristie Rohwedder

Earlier this week, pop gemstones Britney Spears and Tinashe confirmed the thing fans hoped was true: the pair really did record a remix of Glory track “Slumber Party” and there will be a music video to go along with it. A Colin Tilley-directed, Stanley Kubrick movie-inspired music video. In a recent interview with Extra's Mario Lopez, Ms. Planet Hollywood Dream Since She Was 32 compared her forthcoming vid to the final feature helmed by Kubrick. Yes, we can look forward to a bit of an Eyes Wide Shut vibe going on in Britney and Tinashe's “Slumber Party” music video.

“We just did the video and it’s kind of a younger Eyes Wide Shut theme,” Spears told Lopez. “It’s kind of a little risky, it’s very sexy, it’s very moody, and it’s fun.”

Do you hear that whirring? That is the sound of my mind aggressively spinning in circles at that description. Exactly how Eyes Wide Shut-esque are we talking here? Because now I’m picturing everybody in the video wearing masks. Cold, expressionless, unfeeling masks. And a red cloak-clad Godney perched on a throne. Will there be a psychosexual masquerade party? Will we hear György Ligeti’s “Musica Ricercata,” or what? Will someone play “Musica Ricercata” on the piano while blindfolded? Will someone play “Slumber Party” on the piano while blindfolded? Will there be Christmas lights? Will both Brit and Tinashe find masks in their beds? What about Alan Cumming? Can we look forward to an Alan Cumming cameo or what?

At the very least, we can probably bet on a masquerade element: There's been some e-chatter that Spears may have designed and created masks for the music video.

Real talk: if the second movement of "Musica Ricercata" plays even the slightest of roles in the "Slumber Party" video, I will need at least a week to recover. At least.