How Much Is The Kendall + Kylie For PacSun Holiday 2016 Collection? Get These Pieces In Your Closet, Stat

Now that these sisters have dropped yet another collection for PacSun, you’ve pretty much got your holiday attire sorted. From camisoles that are great for layering to big, chunky sweaters, these are the only items you need this winter. How much is the Kendall + Kylie for PacSun Holiday 2016 Collection? These pieces are sure to fit into your budget.

Clear off any other items on your Christmas list because this clothing is bound to take all of the top spots. There’s no going wrong with K+K wares under your tree, and when once you’ve laid eyes on this collection, you’ll see what I mean. Prices start at $19.95 and go to $195.95, which is a wide spectrum, but most of the clothing is closer to the $19-$50 range. You can expect to pay closer to $200 for something like the suede jacket that’s available in the line, which is totally understandable.

Whether you’re looking to splurge or shop quality clothing at a reasonable price, there’s a little something for you in this range. There are going to be multiple product launches all throughout the month of December, but the first installation of the line-up is available on the PacSun website now. You can expect these pieces to be available in-stores starting Oct. 30.

You'll find super relaxed options like this bomber jacket.

But, you can also shop dresses to prepare you for all of those holiday parties you'll be attending.

1. Velour Tank

Mesh & Velour V-Neck Tank Top, $29.95, PacSun

Pair this with an oversized cardigan for major '90s vibes.

2. Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket, $69.95, PacSun

Cop this jacket to have all of the cool girl feels, all of the time.

3. Lace-Up Sweater

Lace-Up Cable Knit Pullover Sweater, $49.95, PacSun

Want to be super on-trend this winter? Well then, you've got you get this knit sweater in your closet, stat.

4. Long Sleeve Dress

Collared Long Sleeve Dress, $49.95, PacSun

You're going to be so cute in this dress, a pair of tights and some ankle boots.

5. Side Tie Slip Dress

Side Tie Slip Dress, $39.95, PacSun

A leopard print slip dress? It just doesn't get more 1990s than that. Oh wait, wear a turtleneck underneath and then it's as '90s as it can get. But, don't worry, that's definitely still "in" in 2016.

Shop these pieces and more online now and find them in PacSun stores on Oct. 30.

Images: Courtesy PacSun (7)