9 'Weiner Gate' Tweets That Show Donald Trump Supporters Are Really Happy About This New Email Investigation

Donald Trump's campaign has had a catastrophic past three weeks. While the businessman has been embroiled in a seemingly endless list of scandals during the entire election, the slew of controversies he faced in October have hit his campaign harder than any previous stories, and have almost completely eliminated his chances of winning on Nov. 8. Well, it looks like Trump and his supporters are celebrating the FBI's decision to look into whether there is any connection between the agency's investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails and newly-discovered messages on a computer owned by former Congressman Anthony Weiner and Clinton aide Huma Abedin. These nine #Weinergate tweets show just how elated they are to hand another scandal to Clinton.

During a rally in Lisbon, Maine, on Oct. 29, Trump and his supporters couldn't sound more enthusiastic about the unfolding scandal. "As you might've heard earlier today, the FBI —" at this point the crowd interrupted his speech with loud cheers, and he continued, "after discovering new emails, is reopening their investigation into Hillary Clinton."

The excitement of Trump's supporters isn't limited to his rallies. They can be found rejoicing all over social media. Check out nine examples from the #WeinerGate hashtag on Twitter:

1. Nervous Hillary

The thought of a panicking Clinton campaign is obviously a thrilling thought for the Trump camp.

2. Hillary In Prison

They really want her behind bars.

3. As the Weiner Returns

OK, #Dikileaks is pretty funny.

4. Next Stop Is Jail

They really, really want her behind bars.

5. Thanks From Trump Nation

A lot of Trump's voters are grateful for Weiner's inadvertent contribution to helping the Republican candidate.

6. An Awesome Day

The multiple negative Hillary-centric trending topics are adding a lot of cheer to the festivities.

7. The Weiner Effect

It seems like many on Trump's side now think Clinton's chances of winning are gone.

8. Ding Dong, The B*tch Is Dead


9. Obligatory Putin Appearance

Why does Putin always have to show up in Trump-related matters?

Time will tell how much this story will affect Clinton in the election. As of right now, she's got an 80 percent chance of winning, according to FiveThirtyEight's election forecast. That's quite a lot of catching up for Trump to do in a little over a week.