Jasmine Tookes Rocked Her Stretch Marks In This Unretouched Image For Victoria's Secret — PHOTOS


Victoria's Secret has just released new, unretouched photos which shows model Jasmine Tookes in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Bright Night Fantasy Bra, estimated to be worth $3 million — but that's not all. According to Cosmopolitan, the look was paired with green panties and another what looks like another surprising feature: Stretch marks.

Victoria's Secret hasn't released a statement on seemingly unretouched photo yet, but Bustle has reached out to Victoria's Secret for comment, and is awaiting response. However, if these stretches are intentional, it might be a sign that Victoria's Secret is following suit with other brands who've given nod to inclusivity. Now that brands are paying more attention to body diversity (both with their sizing and ad campaigns).

As more and more brands denounce Photoshop — such as SmartGlamour and American Eagle lingerie brand Aerie — it only makes sense for other clothing companies to fall in suit, rather than be left behind. Even though Victoria's Secret photoshopping has been called out in the past for being extreme, this seems to be a step towards a future of less retouching. The stretch marks look visible on Tookes' body and they're being praised as super inspiring already. This could be a huge leap for a brand that accidentally removed a butt cheek while photoshopping in 2015.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jasmine Tookes is set to walk the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2016, wearing the 450 carat Fantasy Bra for the first time. Having only become an Angel in 2015, Tookes will be the first model of color to walk the Fantasy Bra to walk down the runway in nine years.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As these pictures have been released to show just how damn good she looks wearing said bra, as well as marking a moment in history for Victoria's Secret, as they are now seemingly keeping models' stretchmarks unretouched. If those are stretch marks and the lack of Photoshopping was intentional, this could be a good sign of things to come.